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Idle Scream Park use cheats
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Game story

Hey, here you are at last. Welcome to the scream park. Let's get going. I've been working hard to get everything ready for the scream park opening on your arrival. We'll see how it works when the first visitor arrives. Oh, look, our first visitor. Get ready to scare him. The visitor has his entrance ticket and can now access the scream park. He's just bought a ticket for the gloomy cemetery and will wait in line until he can use the facility.

Idle Scream Park Hack Basics

What a shame we don't have any more facilities to offer. The visitor only enjoy one single facility. What we can do for now is upgrade the gloomy cemetery in order to make more money. If we upgrade the gloomy cemetery we can offer a better facility and increase the price visitors need to pay. Since we've only just opened the park, we should launch a marketing campaign to attract more visitors. Let's do a radio campaign. It will be more effective than a newspaper campaign and will attract more visitors for a certain amount of time. This one's on me, but the next campaign will need cheat code or cost you a price that is proportional to the size of the scream park.

Hint & Tips

1. Marketing - launch advertising campaigns in various media to attract more visitors to your scream park. Don't forget that marketing campaigns have a time limit, so you need to renew them from time to time.
2. You can build more facilities for your scream park. Some of them need a specific setting to suit the theme.
3. Stats rating - you can see the overall status of your scream park here. The average values are shown below.


So many people want to visit our scream park now that there is a huge queue. We must build a new entrance. Entrance is where visitors buy their entrance ticket to the park. Make sure to avoid long waiting lines so the visitors don't get bored. Sometimes too scared can take its tool, so we build the best shock room in the world where visitors can recover.
By the way, the scream park also has memorial store for its visitors. Spared no expense. Every once in a while you can collect the total earning from memorial store. It can end up being quite a lot. The amount is displayed above the memorial store. Just tap and done! The money's all yours. I think you can manage by yourself now. We must build the best scream park in the world. It won't be easy, but if you stick to what i taught you it can be done. I'll stay in charge of financing the scream park by finding more investors and you'll take care of managing the park.

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