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residential - use qUjoHJF67
off ads - ayf8WmEas
secret combination - V5roqb43Y
special - 8RbS1JRri
double rewards - TYw6tV8pM
unique - 1qmDNihej
research - 4ABPVX9gT
marketing guru - z00VpHadc
starter package - zqwcma1yU
admin panel - tqkN9K3sG
advanced park - whK1HKvTf
diamonds - use zXDp3snY7
money - jVcbpgBi0
speed up - csP5Abn5L
manager - rReEZsfhx

Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to Arctic Archipelago! Glad to finally meet our new may mayor. My name is Cheat-on, and i'm here to help you get started. Our region has great potential, but right now, we have just enough for a textile factory. Let me show you how to build it. New goods, produced by the factory, will be delivered to a nearby town. Let's follow our first delivery. There's always a demand for more products in nearby towns. Wait for these goods to sell, and then collect the income. To maximize your profit, upgrade transport, factory, and town evenly, Look at a balance chart near a town's name for reference.

Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2 Hack Basics trucos

Money trucks will regularly deliver coins to the bank. Collect them before the parking is full, or they'll have to move to another city. Open the 6 city of Arctic Archipelago to unlock the region. It seems our progress attracted the press's attention. The sound of helicopter is always good news. Talk to a reporter to attract investments to the city. Tap on the press helicopter before it files away.

enter cheat (Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2 gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 5ktFUAzQJ
level up - ZV5ln6kzl
daily pack - enter pass 1MU6lqpCI
admin account - Jk06lKTiY
Month Card x1 - DrqpXOpKT
booster pack - kwltzsMDp
evolve - gyO9ciH1B
enhance - RyAS3KIq5
We're in luck! These patents will allow us to increase the quality and cost of specific goods. Let's start the research immediately. Region upgrades: increase income - increases total income by 15%. Upgrade cost - decreases the region upgrade costs by 5%. Building cost - decreases the building costs by 5%. Get all upgrades to build special project.

Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To build an idle empire, experienced tycoons keep a balance between production, demand, and cargo traffic.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: residential, special, unique, marketing guru, advanced park, diamonds, money, combo offer, manager, research
3. You can get a very nice bonus from research and buildings. And professional managers will help you to collect money until you’re not playing tycoon games offline.

Idle Delivery City Tycoon 2 Hack tools Version:


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