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Game story

As the manager of our dungeon, it is up to you to conquer new dungeons and increase our sales. The basic requirement to start your dungeon manager career is the support of strong heroes. Accordingly, your first task is to summon a hero by using a summoning scroll. Well done, do you see the area with all those monsters? Select the area and prepare yourself for your first battle. As you can see, the monsters in the area are dropping crystal shards, at regular intervals. In order to use these shards, we need to purify them. The wisps will help you transport the crystal fountain. The crystal fountain will continuously absorb and purify the shards.

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Now you can use the crystals to either upgrade the area, the wisp, or the crystal fountain. Let's start by upgrading the area. Select the area and upgrade until you reach the level 25 milestone. Reaching a milestone will increase your income and unlock the next battle. Now the area seems to be producing so many shards that your wisp can't keep up anymore. Try to upgrade the crystal fountain and the wisp. Getting the right balance is a bit tricky, but i am sure you will soon get the hang of it.

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upgrade trucos - kK9SE4vcm
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daily pack - enter pass I7SsaLTBO
admin account - NvFsxJcSn
Month Card x1 - bFCdNn3hJ
booster pack - Ov6JoAllr
evolve - bW6LXMVGz
enhance - U8hJZlpZ6
To be able to overcome the increasingly more difficult battles you should use the summoning scroll, you just got, to summon your second hero. Tpa the icon of your new hero to add him to your battle formation. To take advantage of your hero's specialty, try to swap their positions.

Idle Dungeon Manager Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Winning village siege battles will increase the amount of idle experience you gain. You might as well receive valor, which will help your heroes to level up beyond their limit. Leveling up your heroes is important. You can freely distribute experience points between your heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gem, summon, milestone, off ads, scrolls, diamonds, gold, materials, enhance, fuse, legendary heroes, shards
3. The exact demand for heroes can be displayed by selecting a hero within the fusion chamber. Just keep in mind, the heroes you fuse into the original hero will be permanently gone. Now that your heroes rarity got upgraded, his stats and maximum level increased.

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