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Idle EcoClicker Green Planet hack cheat code List

golden case - use hack GFTefeLlh
gems - enter pass iv3Mp1NBc
starter pack - sAUtfNgs8
auto clicker - g8dcARe6N
booster pack - CYM6EZWJ0
supply boxes - o87QQ3PjW
Month Card x1 - gp3R1cZX3
upgrade - pHrbeAc2B
daily gift bag x10 - pHrbeAc2B
secret combination code - WMY7L6CnA
game speed x10 - 5obqOkaSh
maximum staff upgrade - eUDI4mDMW
time booster - uHdErsefD
pure energy - uHdErsefD
off ads - OVBk6SfWU
weekly box - l3vz2b3YY

Idle EcoClicker Green Planet use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hi! Let's clean up the planet from garbage and pollution together! Tap on area to clean it. Look how much cleaned it has become! The volunteers weren't idle. With their help we got pure energy! Tap or swipe on workers to collect it. Units work well, but they can work even better! Let's open the upgrade menu and increase their level. Upgrade of the object increases income. Click on the object's panel to upgrade it.

Idle EcoClicker Green Planet Hack Basics

When the object reaches level 10, it will start working automatically. All you have to do is collect pure energy. Click on the upgrade icon to exit blueprint mode. Now let's get enough pure energy to build a second object. It will bring even more income. Great! We have enough pure energy. Let's build the second object. Tractor - tech equipment will hep us to collect garbage much faster. You got enough cards to upgrade your staff to the second level! When you improve it, the speed of the object will increase twice.

Hint & Tips

1. River filter - thanks to the cleaning, fish in river doesn't have tentacles anymore.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: golden case, gems, auto clicker, game speed x10, maximum staff upgrade, time booster, pure energy, off ads
3. In-game shop - these are cases, they contain a lot of valuable things. And these are boosters, they rewind time and allow you to get a lot of income from objects.
4. Separator - very important phase of recycling. Separating valuable things from worthless ones.
5. You've completed your mission? GO to the quest menu to get a reward. Missions and quests are a stable source of gems and cases. Complete 3 quests to make the modernization possible.

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Idle EcoClicker Green Planet Redeem gift code

1. Tb865QYsMPGzUpF
2. 5U20wN6Vky9nIfv
3. NJ4cLdQHSfPZmgx
4. zGwr0I9GwCA78Xl
5. YLvsD9QX61ZPSZ9
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