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funds - use Zv4RXa6BJ
off ads - rsutXQB1g
secret combination - XABU46lLV
gold coins - XABU46lLV
double rewards - xqXK1CTeI
gems - i4Ld9nfRh
game speed x10 - VYLLTEjY5
pet - mhweXXFwu
starter package - R30l1WERF
admin panel - Zv7IuEjX7
materials - pDgCmzacM
premium animals - use uXz975MWf
transport trucks - DahIUxtGq
fuel - use ZUIFIzPEz
auto clicker - TgnCAcqUF
vip content - use XbKxhAjd3

Idle Farmyard use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You're probably going to want to start earning some money. You can sell the items produced by animals on your farm. Let's start with chickens! You've already got a chicken pen, but it hasn't got any chickens to produce eggs yet. Tap the pen to see the upgrades. Your first chicken is free, how lucky are you! Try tapping the upgrade button now. You now have a chicken producing eggs. We can't sell then in this state though. You'll need a place to pack them into boxes. Let's buy an egg packing barn now. Press the primary action button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to see the menu options. Now press the map icon to see what areas are available to build.

Idle Farmyard Hack Basics trucos

When you're in purchase mode you ca click on the hologram of the area you wish to buy to see the details. Now you have a farmer to transport the eggs from the chicken pen to the egg packing barn. Tap the farmer now to see what upgrades they have. By upgrading the farmer's speed and capacity, you're making your farm run more efficiently. Let's upgrade the capacity of this unit to allow them to carry more eggs at once.

enter cheat (Idle Farmyard gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 2AlyCetBO
level up - g4iKmfahz
daily pack - enter pass MQZrvZI6W
admin account - h5iKjE8Sz
Month Card x1 - XhZvIiuOi
booster pack - GHA6gjt67
evolve - QYCu4RAhz
enhance - rBCyBhTZb
Great work! The eggs are being packed, but we still need to distribute them in order to start generating revenue. Let's build a warehouse to store the eggs until they're collected by the transport trucks. Let's repeat the process we just did to buy the egg packing barn. You're now set up! Your eggs are being packed in the barn, then transported to the warehouse so a truck can dispatch them. At which point you make money.

Idle Farmyard Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. All the produce goes to the warehouse, where it waits to be picked up by different trucks. It’s not all automated though! You’ll need to spend some profits on upgrading the warehouse and to manage all the stations before then!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: funds, gold coins, premium animals, transport trucks, talent, pets, fuel, auto clicker, game speed x10, vip content, materials
3. Just one last thing. Stop any pesky rabbits from stealing crops by tapping them before they escape.

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