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auto clicker - use JPMNWCuDe
off ads - 2jfNI93t4
secret combination - idlGvpR17
premium manager - UD846vHW5
double rewards - tFP4yIO6p
game speed x10 - RqkOQwFc9
money - ehRWt7Dkg
off cooldown - 9QIeJ7QQk
Idle Furniture Tycoon starter package - 8jRcSBAL6
admin panel - rGzT5nmJq
employees - CgCfHun8j
gems - use lgK6bKjvP
reputation - BTF0UgvjT
advertising - 8DHIiRYr2
store income - G83gHB6YQ

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Idle Furniture Tycoon Game story

Hi Boss, Welcome. We are very excited for the opening of our store. I will try to show you the small details. Rest of it is up to you. I'm sure you'll find the best strategy to grow your business. If you wish, let's first inform our customers that our store has started to serve by opening our new department. You can increase the store quality and income by opening new departments in the store. You can check the statistics page to see all the details. The living room department started running. Look, customers should have already heard about it. Let's take a look at other improvements.

Idle Furniture Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

It is the machine where customers get their shopping carts. This machine has a huge impact on your income, the more shopping carts we have, the more products customers can buy. If you wish, let's click and make small upgrades. Customers who have a shopping cart buy more items. Now, let's train the cashier about the speed. Right now there is only 1 cashier serving. Remember to hire new ones when you can afford. Let's train! You can increase the happiness of the customers and the money you make by upgrading cashiers. You can hire new cashiers to serve faster to customers.

enter cheat (Idle Furniture Tycoon gift codes):
upgrade trucos - bxrY7oEF4
level up - UHky5ZTfJ
daily pack - enter pass d0eOaMOx3
admin account - OjmrhHL88
Month Card x1 - JvN2nDkTd
booster pack - xZCG5nS89
evolve - XVZg0Ec8b
enhance - VGOdFHDXE
Super! The number of parking lots is currently 5. Yes, I know it's not enough but we can build more when we can afford. Increase the number of parking lots and advertise to reach more customers. I forgot to mention that we also have a restaurant in our store. We need to feed people to keep them longer in the store. Let's upgrade the restaurant a little. Upgrade the restaurant, serve your customers quality food. Excellent!! Looks like you figured it all out... Finally, let's upgrade the living room department, which is the only department you have. I have no doubt that you will add luxury items to this department.

Idle Furniture Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You are awesome! I guess i'm done for now. Do not forget to get you rewards from the quests, following statistics and opening new departments!! Have fun BOSS...
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Furniture Tycoon cheat code - give: auto clicker, premium manager, game speed x10, money, off ads, off cooldown, employees, money, gems, reputation, advertising, store income, gems.
3. TONS OF MONEY - Earn twice as much money for 5 minutes in the shop.
4. NO WAITING - All employees work on maximum speed for 120 seconds.
5. INTERNET ORDER - Watch a short video ad for online orders and get the reward.
6. Collect free crystals by completing quests. As you complete the quest, new quests will be waiting for you.
7. PERMANENT UPGRADE - The upgrades you made here are permanent. When switching to the next map, the upgrades here remain and show the same effect.

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Idle Furniture Tycoon Redeem code - premium gift box 26.06.2021

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