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Idle Hero Battle Game story

Finally arrived at Bestia...Are there the undead I've heard of...? Terrible... I haven't even brought a weapon with me as I had to leave in hurry before my master noticed...But speak of the devil, there's greatsword over there! Now, shall I begin? Ugh! I'm here to teach you the Ultimate Skill that I havrn't had the chance of teaching you yet. The technique is called "Skill Shot". Now, use the skill on those undead over there. Just do as I say. Drag and release your finger in the direction of the arrow to use the skill. There are still many skills left to learn but you lack the basics so for now, it'll be difficult for you to learn them. MMmmm, anyhow, from now on, you should improve yourself continuously through batting the undead! When you've progressed and are ready enough, I'll come and see you again, for now, hold on to it.

Idle Hero Battle Hack Basics trucos

Great! I'll continue training and get stronger! I should keep using the skills that my master taught me! Feels like my weapon's became a part of my body! I've got an idea for even more powerful skill Super, this is it! Think the enemy is getting stronger... Let's increase our ATK by Training! Press the button 5 times to upgrade ATK 5 times! When Gold is gathered, try Training constantly!! This will make you stronger! Since I've completed basic training, now's the time to boost weapons proficiency! Hey, try me - you trash mobs! Level has increased! Let's increase Mastery with the Mastery points obtained as a reward for leveling up. Don't forget to increase Mastery once after leveling up! Now, let's continue the battle!

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Saying the battle boss gave me skill points. Now? let's increase the Skill Level using those points. If I increase the Skill level, I can equip Runes on me! Now, let's try to equip Runes! Healing Rune - Recovers HP by 10% when killing an enemy using the skill. I have to increase the Skill level constantly and apply even more Runes! Battle bosses, I'll catch you all! Sprint slash - Moves swiftly and inflicts 122% damage on an enemy within range. Multi slash - Attack 6 times with 50% damage in a row. Diffusion of floating blades - Summons 4 floating blades that automatically attack an enemy for 10 secs, inflicting 50% damage.

Idle Hero Battle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. I shouldn't forget to train regularly. I'll get stronger by doing so! How far have I leveled up my skills? Don't forget that you can make your skills more powerful by leveling them up!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Hero Battle cheat code - give: runes, skill stone, equipment, relics, costumes, auto clicker, game speed x10, talent points, grade up, gold coins, gemstones, resources, upgrade scroll
3. The shop is finally open! I think I'll browse around and see what they have. Look at all this shiny equipment! It feels like it would make me stronger just by wearing! I'll pick some equipment using the Gemstones I've collected! I think I've obtained some decent items!
4. Undead bosses are now crowding the streets under King Richie's iron fist. But this will end now! Stock up on epic hero powers to start the battle of the century today!

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