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Hero Squad Game story

It had been hundreds of years since the human king sealed the Gates of hell, keeping goddess of Vengeance outside of the human world. Human became to ignore the filth growing in the peace. When the army of goddess of Vengeance invaded the mortal world again, they realized that. They did not have the strength to repel the sudden invasion. Years later, Achilles, begins a wondrous journey guided by the necklace left behind by his brother and the calling of the sacred tree.

Hero Squad Hack Basics trucos

Hero list shows all the heroes you currently have. Tap to deploy tank hero Patton. Enemy's attack will focus on the front row. Put Patton in the front row to endure the damage. Tap to deploy DPS hero Achilles. The rear row is relatively safe for damage dealer. Put Achilles in the rear tow to attack. After deployment, tap start battle to enter battle. Hero attacks choose counterpoint target by default.

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Hero gets mana for dealing or taking damage, they will unleash magic spell when mana is full. Tap a monster to check its skills and skill range. Monster skill attacks targets in a column, tap to close skill range info. Hold and drag Achilles to stay out of monster attack range. Nolan's magic spell can attack the farthest enemy on the battlefield directly. Elite stage cleared, Overall idle income bonus has been added.

Hero Squad Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Use gathered resources to upgrade heroes. Improving overall strength of a team is essential, let's upgrade other allies as well.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Hero Squad cheat code - give: summon x10, legendary hero, recruit ticket, set, banner, cart, mount, diamonds, shards, epic chest, gold coins, ruins war pass, transcend crystals, skin pack
3. Illneas can heal allies and serve as an assist hero. Elf hero attacks have a chance to deal 1 extra normal attack.
4. Tap combo icon to view the detailed effect of selected combo. Deploy more heroes of the same combo to boost its effect. Each bond has a powerful and unique effect.
5.Human heroes have a chance to silence targets for 1 round when dealing DMG. Dwarf heroes gain ATk each round and gain a large TK boost after HP drops below a threshold of after a certain round.
6. Each hero has 2 different bonds tabs. When you own specified number heroes of the same bond tabs to trigger a powerful bond effect. Try combining different heroes to activate great bond effects with ease.

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