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Idle Hero Z use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

In 2387, many of the planets that humans have discovered are invaded by machines. As the commander of the superhero squad, send your heroes to defend these planets. Tap the spaceship to dispatch a novice. The novie you just sent out is a tier 1 novice. Tap on the spaceship again to dispatch 4 more. Now let's make them stronger. Combine 2 tier 1 novice to make tier 2 novice. Did you see how you can make a next tier novice by combining the same tier novice? Do you think you can make a tier 5 novice on your own?

Idle Hero Z Hack Basics trucos

All you have to remember is to dispatch and combine your novice. keep this up, then your army will be filled with strong movices in no time. I will let you in no a secret that could help you get novices faster! You can conduct research with the academy points you gain from combining novices. This is where you can conduct various research to help your battle. Let's start of with researching reduce spaceship production time 5 times. As you proceed, more research categories will be unlock.

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Did you know that there''s another way to combine novice? You can combine them with a double tap (tap twice quickly). Double tap a novice and see what happens. The evil army became stronger! It's going to be tough battle. You can make a powerful hero with tier 10 novice. You can level up your heroes to make them even stronger.

Idle Hero Z Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you love summon and merge gameplay, collect different heroes with various power, and AFK/idle whenever you want, this game is definitely made for you.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Hero Z cheat code - give: gold, trophies, skins, auto merge, legendary unit, battle pass, vip status, heroic path, special emotion, gems
3. Upgrade and evolve your favorite heroes frequently. You need the best dragon force from the Z balls to defeat brutal enemies as they also get stronger over time.

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