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Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies Game story

This is post-apocalyptic world, swarms of evil zombies are invading from The Darkness. Your band of Heroes must work together to stop the zombie swarm from spreading. In the infection spreads into The Light, the world as we know it is lost. You are all that stands between The Zonbies' Darkness and The Heroes' Light. Endless swarms of evil zombies are incoming from The Darkness it is your objective to prevent the zombies from spreading into Light. Let's go a quick tutorial on how to place a Hero tower, upgrade his strength, and unlock more Heroes. After that, you'll be on your own!

Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies Hack Basics trucos

Let's place our first defensive Hero tower. Heroes are your main line of defense against the Zombie invasion. They automatically attack and use powerful skills to kill zombies. This menu displays all of your Heroes. Currently, only Shooty McShoot is unlocked, so let's place him in our defense. Great work! Now that we have a Hero place, evil Zombies will begin spawing from The Darkness. Your Hero will automatically attack them, so take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the slaughter.

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Shooty McShoot might need a little gamage boost to defeat this wave. Let's upgrade his level to increase his damage. Selecting a Hero while he is placed on the field will open his upgrade menu and display a yellow circle to vizualize his range. Upgrading a Hero's level is the main way to increase his damage. Let's give Shooty McShoot some backup by unlocking and placing more Heroes. Open the Heroes main menu to continue. Obtaining duplicate hero cards increases that hero's tier (which increases his base damage). This menu is where you can unlock new Hero Packs with the Blocks resource. Blocks are earned by killing Zombie Bosses. Let's place one of our Heroes to help us against this wave of Zombies.

Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Kinetic Force has the Strength and Power Aura skills, which boosts all nearby towers' damage and critical hit damage. Whenever you see similar texts under a Hero, it is to notify you of the boosts he is receiving from other towers.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies cheat code - give: gold coins, game speed x10, legendary hero, tier x pack, prestige points, swarm gold, resources, 30xhero damage, gems, premium, growth bundle, restore purchases
3. Each Hero has different strength and abilities. Using a variety of different Heroes is often the best defense. You can dig into any Hero's detail menu after the tutorial to view their huge variety of skills and plan accordingly.
4. Remember to unlock new Heroes and upgrade their level/damage as often as you can. Take your time to explore all the menus at the bottom of the screen. There are loads of unique upgrades to purchase and unlock over time. Read the FAQ in the Settings menu. There are tons of tricky little mechanics in this game that will make more sense after reading it.
5. Rain of fire - Instantly deal (combined active towers DPS) x1 to all enemies. Death Awaits - Instantly remove 5% of all enemies' remaining HP (half effective for bosses). Heavy weapons - Increase all towers' damage by +25% for 15 seconds. Battle frenzy - Increase all towers' attack speed by +5% for 15 seconds.
6. Idle TD Heroes vs Zombies Zombie Swarm - Spawn 3 continuous swarm of speedy zombies for 30 seconds! These silly undead creatures are harmless, and won't cause you to lose if they get past your defenses.
7. Grave Digger - Spawn a massive armered Grave Digger beast, and capture his huge chest of valuable treasures! This beast simply wants to escape with his treasure and has no further quarrels with you. He will not cause you to lose if he gets past your defenses.
8. Evil Scientist - Spawn an intelligent and skillful Evil Scientist, and capture some of his knowledge! This enemy simply wants to defend his knowledge and means no harm. He will not cause you to lose if he gets past your defenses.
9. The PvP Tournament is a race to your highest wave against other players. The better you place against others, the better your rewards.
10. Prestige will sacrifice some of your progress in exchange for powerful rewards. Start your quest over on a new map, but stronger than ever before. This will reset your wave progress, gold, and tower levels. You will keep everything else, such as all of your other resources, unlocked towers ect. You will be rewarded with Prestige Points, which can be used to purchase and upgrade some of the most powerful bonuses in the game.

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