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Idle Industries Game story

Welcome to the new office! Can I first thank you for appointing me your Personal Assistant - it's a true honor. You've shown such ambition! To graduate from college, attract investment, and start your first business so quickly is a real feat. I've set up your company just like you asked. I've secured land and infrastructure on the island, as we discussed. I'm excited to see what you do next. For now though, let me welcome you to your new empire. Idle Industries! In order to create Products to sell, you'll need to build Factories. To start construction on your first one, tap the empty plot above. Mines are where you'll extract the Resources you need to create your company's Products. Let's build an iron Mine to start things off. Extraction has started at your Iron Mine. Soon there will be enough Resources to transport to the Factory you created.

Idle Industries Hack Basics trucos

Trucks transport the Resources you extract from your Mines to your Factories. When a Factory receives enough Resources to create your company's Products, the production process begins. Once your Products are completed, they are stored at your Factories intil a Truck is available to transport them to a Seller. You've received your very first Production Contract. Fulfill it to receive a reward. To fulfill this Contract more quickly, you'll need to upgrade your Iron Mine. Tap the icon to increase its Productivity and Transport Capacity.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - Xke3We0jx
level up code - jHqQALhXl
daily pack Idle Industries cheat - enter pass 7BR5vwI4y
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Month Card x1 - 4pZlw2pPw
booster pack - W0pwerkvz
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enhance - ZMTb7Z1jm
Factories can also be upgrated to increase their Production Speed and Transport Capacity. Let's upgrade the Tools Factory we just built. Well done! You've fulfilled your first Contract. You can expect to receive plenty more in the future. To extend your empire to a new island, you'll need to complete a series of Missions. You can tackle them in any order you want, so let's get started! To further upgrade your Tools Factory, you must unlock Tier 2. You've unlocked a Blueprint! Tap BLUEPRINTS to select a new Product to create. Idle Industries will expand to more islands soon!

Idle Industries Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. All Boost - Activates Truck, Mine, Factory Boost for 60 seconds.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Industries cheat code - give: auto clicker, resources, game speed x10, tier up, increase storage, cash, daily crate, blueprints, tycoon pack, off ads, 72h offline time, gems, big income boost, bio golden crate, star coins
3. Cash Blast - Receive Cash worth 150 times your income per second.
4. Sell Boost - Increases Sell VAlue for 150 seconds by 100%.
5. Gather resources, craft products, get rich! Build a flourishing economy! Rise to the top in limited time events. Unlock new products to craft Assemble your board of directors. Expand your empire. Get richer even while you're idle.

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