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Idle inn Tycoon Game story

I will be helping you run this place. Some may say that I'm the best person you can trust for maintaining an inn! Managers:
Add some personality for your meowdieval inn and stay pawsitive! This bonus stays furrever!
Marketing expert Mr. Punch - Double your profits permanently by hiring a marketing expert who will double your profits permanently in regular inns.
General manager Dr. Kek - Hire a general manager so your regular inns can remain open while you aren't playing.

Idle inn Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

Now the guest will go to their room to leave belongings. We'll charge them by the hour. When visitors check in to their room they will start using inn's services. Since we're here, let's upgrade some of the room's furniture. First, we can purchase a bedside table to make it more comfortable, increasing room's profits. Upgrading items increases room value, so visitor will pay more every hour. In medieval times, toilet quality also means a LOT! Let's upgrade it as well. This alone makes us better than our neighbor "Blind Sildier Inn"! Now we can follow our guest as he uses tavern services. Wait, what time is it? It's drinking time in the inn! We have a small problem...We forgot to hire a bartender. Let's make haste, we can still hire one before visitor gets angry! Tap the staff tab to manage your bartenders.

enter Idle inn Tycoon gift pass:
upgrade trucos - 4VrhDwgDs
level up code - Xy1SiTPZh
daily pack cheat - enter pass 3aF8Otvt4
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Month Card x1 - HgYxDbSwc
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evolve - uT77LhymU
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Bottoms up! We're saved and the guest will get his drink in time. We're getting instant profit each time a visitor uses inn's services. Better upgrade them sooner than later! Meanwhile, our visitor is going to try out our food and drinks. Let's see how he'll like it. Looks like he's happy! And we're happy, since he's paying! But let's not forget about staff wages. As workers finish their shifts we have to pay them. Be sure to pay attention to your finances. When our balance is negative it could result in our staff resigning - and that definitely won't help with maintaining our services for visitors. Track your staff wages and income to avoid financial losses. But there are more things you should consider.

Idle inn Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Magic is required for most of the inn's rooms and it helps maintain its work. Magic has limits, though, so you'll have to upgrade your magic generator and buy more magic kettles to handle your needs. One more thing to consider - your visitors arrive by foot or on their own horse. We have stables for horses. Visitors leave their horse there and we, again, get profit!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle inn Tycoon cheat code - give: stars, premium staff, auto clicker, game speed x10, 72h offline income, treasure chest, beer, magical energy, gold coins, customers, off ads, legendary cards, gems
3. I'd focus on upgrading the tavern and buying new rooms to increase your profit. As managers, our main responsibility is to make things profitable! Make sure you make profit to run more inns in the future. Purpose the best service and wealthy clients will come! Guestbook will help you stay on track with the inn growth, so I'm not saying goodbye, I'm sure we'll see each other again soon.
4. To have better furniture, you have to have more rooms and more clients to start with. How about building one more DOUBLE ROOM first? Now you can earn more and start buying nice things!
5. Front desk - here administrators welcome guests and manage check ins and checkouts. Magic generator - generates magical energy to power equipment. Cleaners room - this is a lounge for staff. Here employees spend their free time. Kitchen - the restaurant seves breakfast lunch and dinner. Try to serve all hotel guests or they will be unhappy. Bar - here tavern guests can relax and have a drink. Parking - parking reserved for quests. Visitors arriving by transport can leave it here. We will profit from this.

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