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Idle Kingdom Defense Game story

You are here, warrior! I desperately need your help. Summon me from the hero menu. Elly (Supporter); Continuous shooting - Fires 5 arrows that deal damage equal to 80% ATK to enemies within a selected area. Now place me in formation. Please select me from the list. Please touch the slot on the wall. That's it! Now I can fight with you too. But the castle is too damaged. I need to recover. We'll give you enough gold to raise the castle level to 10. The number of hero slots and archers increases every certain level. Now let's go straight to the battlefield. Even while the warrior is away, the battle with the monsters continues. However, it is not enough to hold on. Let's challenge the boss of the first stage!

Idle Kingdom Defense Hack Basics trucos

Please use my skills! I fire 5 magic arrows at any point the warrior wants. Touch the point you want. To win, you need to choose the timing and location to use the skill. Command us to annihillate your enemies! Although I won, it was a pretty tough battle. I have to recruit one more hero. Logan (Supporter); Summon Swordman - Summon 4 swordman. Swordman remains on the battlefield for 16 seconds. Oh, but there are no hero slots left now? Let's go to a castle. I can help. Raise the castle to level 20 with the funds I brought. Look! A new supporter hero slot has been opened. Now that Logan joined, the battle will be easier. Let's go to the battlefield!

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Double speed battle - You can watch the ad and battle quickly for 120 minutes. It was a thrilling victory! It is possible because the warrior is together.Touch the acquire button to acquire experience, gold, and soul stones. As you progress through the stages, more battles will take place. Portals, King's Relics, Raids...You will face various types of enemies! We'll be with you every time, so don't worry and lead us.

Blake (Common); Knight's Overbearing - Slams the groung, dealing 250% ATK damage to enemies in range. Forbidden Technique - Your crit increased by 100. Dark Pulse I- [Knight's Overpower] has a 60% chance to float an enemy in the air for 1 seconds. Agility - Your attack speed increased by 20%. Wave Enhancement - Increases the launch time of [Knight's Overbearing] by 0.5 seconds.

Austin (Common); Throw Rock - Throws a rock that deals 150% ATK to enemies within the selected area. Strengthening - Your hit is increased by 150. Basic attacks deal area damage. Great Impact - [Throw Rock] has a 30% chance to stun an enemy for 3 seconds. Armor destruction - Your armor piercing is increases by 150. Concussion - The duration of the stun caused by [Rock Throw] is increased by 1 seconds. Hero seal - This is the currency needed to summon heroes at Alter.

Idle Kingdom Defense Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Moon Stone - It is currency required for hero rank up. Runic seal - This is the currency required to summon runes at Alter.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Kingdom Defense cheat code - give: gold, soul stones, summon x10, legendary hero, double speed battle, medals, craft resources, promotion, premium equipment, weapon, grade up, rank up, ruby, moonstone, tickets, auto battle, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Champion, you can now provide equipment to archers fighting together! Crafting equipment may result in equipment with properties at a probability.
4. Equipment requires different enhancement orders depending on the weapon and armor category. We'll give you a weapon upgrade order, so please upgrade your equipment up to 4. Enhancement over 4 may cause the equipment to evaporate, so please decide carefully.
5. In the upgrade menu, you can turn +12 equipment into higher grade equipment.
6. You can purchase equipment from the purchase menu. However, only non-attributed equipment that was acquired at least once can be used.
7. Finally, let's check the disassembly menu! In the breaking menu, you can breaking equipment or other items to obtain iron. Equipment design can be obtained as a reward for auto hunting on the battlefield.

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