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summon x10 - use QuV55r9Rz
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gold coins - RxgoYvH4U
red mark - enter r9EDwrDec
lottery - 12u2EvUIv
legendary pet - Zrx2ebwn2

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Idle League Game story

I'm an obscure novelist. There's only one way to change my life, and that's following those 7 chosen ones into the illusion. As long as I can make it out alive, my book will take the world by storm. Alright, since you want to know who I am, then let this be the moment that this name enters the annals of history. I don't mind people like you who do things in their own way. After all, our enemy doesn't play by the rules, either. If you want to survive the illusion, in addition to my ramblings you'll also need to use your imagination. Search deep within your mind for some epic characters to help you out. Come into this "Illusion Array" with me. Try to imagine a hero in your mind.

Idle League Hack Basics trucos

I can't even remember how long it's been since I've seen someone with such a great imagination. How about you take your helpers on a dangerous adventure? Auto deploy your strongest heroes. Heroes will attack in order from Position 1 to 6. Readjusting hero positions will yield unexpected results. You crushed that stage! Looks like I'm gonna have to spend a lot of money to win you over. When you take out enemies, they'll drop some loot which will be sent into your bag. Don't you just love free Hero Shards?

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - OCnLm6AjC
level up code - wWRtkLng8
daily pack Idle League cheat - enter pass oIN3Vj7eE
admin account - P7SgUDwMx
Month Card x1 - xx3xjVijn
booster pack - tyz1HiuSx
evolve - UhLGzEQuN
enhance - YOPzkek5d
Check out the quality of this Hero Shard, we just hit the jackpot! I almost forgot to tell you, all heroes in the illusion can be trained to increase their Power. If you want to become the dominator of the illusion, I'm afraid there's anly one way to do it. And that's to obtain the VIP privilege! It's also an essential step in your quest to grow stronger! This Auto Airship will periodically bring you great rewards, don't forget to claim them!

Idle League Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Adv. Summon Ticket - Rare material required for adv. summon to get 3-5-star heroes
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle League cheat code - give: advanced ticket, summon x10, 5 star hero, quick battle, vip status, gear, shard, star up, starsoul crystal, booty coupon, relic, skin, rebirth, diamonds gold coins, red mark, lottery, legendary pet, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. In Auto Fight, you can use "Bomb Frenzy" for free once per day! It's the ultimate perk, you'll get tons of rewards in the blink of an eye. But watch out, it's addicting!
4. Quick Battle can grant 120 min earnings. Activate Quick Battle Privilege to get 3 free chances per day and buy another 11 chances.

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Idle League Redeem code - premium gift box 29.08.2021

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