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Game story

This place is very special, it is a magic college dedicated to muggles. it seems that someone is outside, let's go check out. Look, we jave new students joining us. We can train goblin butlers who help with enrollment process to speed up the registration. Even if more students come, our registration can handle. After the registration is successful, students will start with magic transformation. Magic transformer - it can transfer a muggle to a wizard blood. Alright, now let's upgrade the classroom. Upgrading the course level will increase the cost of the course. Adding more seats till increase the capacity of the classroom. Great, our teaching level has improved a lot. The office received a flying letter from the ministry of Magic. We have achieved are teaching good.

Idle Magic School Hack Basics trucos

We will get generous rewards after the teaching goals, set by the ministry of magic are completed. You are the best principal. Under your leadership, the college will have a bright future. Now we have made our first pot of gold. It's a time to build a new classroom.

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Basic of charms - charms is the basic course. After completing it, the apprentice is possible to become a qualified wizard. A brief history of wizards - the basic theory of magic is a compulsory course. To become a qualified wizard, you must learn it. Man made magic sources- muggles must undergo trasformation before learning magic. Upgrade the machines will increase the efficiency. Wizard's text - the basic theory of magic is a compulsory course. To become a qualified wizard, you must learn it. The college can accomodate more students now! It's time to expand the enrollment. Enrollment concep - this upgrade will permanently increase the popularity and attract more people.

Idle Magic School Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Upgrading charms class will increase the success rate of intern wizard. ;
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: off ad, gold, stamina, holy water, evolution rate 100%, experience gaining speed +200%, magic coins, speed up, materials, books, fragments, auto clicker
3. Chapter map: magic forest - is a perfect place for building a college. Water country - building a college in a country with turbulent rivers, students won't be disturbed.Winter land - has extremely bad weather, which helps people to learn magic better. Sky city - in a city where magic and technology are highly integrated. Azkaban - a land full of sin, tries to clean these sinful people with magic.
4. Build more teaching areas here to provide students with more magic courses. Defense - protect yourself from dark magic. Divination - predict the future through rituals and tools. Potion class - learn how to make potions according to recipes. Astronomy - observe and study the orbits of stars and planets.

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