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Idle Museum Tycoon Game story

There you are, Boss! Welcome to your newly bought museum! It looks great, but it's a bit abandoned...Don't worry, we'll fix it, and be the best museum ever seen! Let's start by removing all of this litter from the entrance and the main hall. Awesome, now we can start the renovation of the galleries and soon visitors will fill these halls! The first one we're renovating is the Renaissance gallery. Ready? Great! It looks really good, and we're ready to open the museum for the visitors!

Let's inaugurate the Museum! Look, the first visitors are coming! Visitors come from the city and get to an entrance line to buy a ticket. Only then they can enter the museum. Now that the visitors have entered the museum, they can go to a gallery to see the artwork there!

Idle Museum Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

The visitors must buy a ticket to enter the line, where they wait for their turn to take a tour in the gallery. If the line is full, thay can't enter it, so you'll need to improve the line capacity. But if the guide can't take all visitors in the line you'll need to improve the guide! Now, if you want to renovate the other galleries and make the museum more interesting, you'll need more money! You should invest the money you get on the current galleries to buy more art pieces and increase your profits. Awesome, you'll earn more money for each visit now! Remember to improve the line and the guide for more visitors to enjoy the gallery. You'll also need to manage the entrance, to make sure all of the visitors can enter the museum! Start by improving the wait tame, so that the visitors need to wait less in line!

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upgrade trucos - ZieuP001N
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Month Card x1 - gcwdTL1Qc
booster pack - Yr16sQIY9
evolve - hTREtrbW4
enhance - 9wqz43KU7
As you improve the galleries, more visitors will be interested in visiting the museum. When the time comes, you'll have to build more lines for all of the visitors to enter the museum!Now you know the basics of managing the galleries and the entrance of your museum, Boss! There's more for you to learn, and i'll teach you when the time comes. But it's up to you to renovate and manage the museum to its full potential! Good luck!

Idle Museum Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The quests are tasks that you can complete while improving your museum! The work as a great to-do list, and you even get awesome rewards when you complete them!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Museum Tycoon cheat code - give: diamonds, coins, staff, game speed x10, advanced bonus, off ads,offline time manager, auto clicker, energy, water, off mood
3. Boss, i want to let you know that i'll be taking care of your museum while you're away! When you come back, you'll get all of the money the visitors spent on your museum!
4. Boss, you've just collected enough money to renowate a new gallery! Let me show you how to do that! With this new gallery, more visitors will be interested in coming to the museum! Keep up the good work you've been doing in improving the galleries and the museum!
5. Whenever you feel like increasing your profits, you can start an ad campaign to multiply all the earnings. The first hour is on me, but you can keep activating it to increase the total time! Here in the Shop you can get more gems, to invest in incredible upgrades for your galleries. I'll show you how they work, but first, take these gems for free!
6. Here are the museum's most powerful investments: the Golden tickets! You definitely got the hang of it, Boss! Keep up with the good work! Improve your current galleries, renovate new ones and make your museum the best one! The quiz is a selection of questions about art, science, history and popular culture. Get the correct answers and earn rewards that'll help you improve your museum! The more answers you get right, the better rewards you collect! Press the start button and try getting the most answers correct!

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