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game speed x10 - use 9ZynqUFPZ
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secret combination - 5Wsf69zgI
auto clicker - pv7REiiCD
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visitors - 5FRBbdTQe
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vip manager - D9qtIJqAv
Idle Music Festival Tycoon hack starter package - zkotnFy6v
admin panel - V5e4nejBO
cash - puRw85ZlR
speed up - enter PcarG7zrW
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gems - use 76hBkugLq
unlock buildings - use 7EkYpR3Pp
exclusive decorations - 83ZJxqnXZ

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Idle Music Festival Tycoon Game story

Nice to meet you! I hope you had a good journey here. So, are you ready to get acquainted with your business? I've got all working processes running smoothly before your arrival. Let's check them out with our first festivalgoer! Here he comes! Our very firt visitor. Aren't you excited? You make money all the time his car occupies a parking space. Now our festivalgoer should go to the ticket booth and pay for his entry ticket. Great, he's got his ticket and now he can enter the festival! Now he bought a ticket to the stage and must wait in line until the concert starts. The number of visitors is shown above the ticket booth. Now the festivalgoer can enjoy the concert! The concert is over! The next one will starts in 30 seconds! It's a shame we don't have much entertainment at our festival. Our visitor is already leaving. But you can upgrade the stage to earn more money. Let me show you how!

Idle Music Festival Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

By upgrading the Main Stage we make the whole festival more awesome! We are running out of parking spaces. If we don't expand it, new festivalgoers will have nowhere to park their cars. Let's build more parking spaces. Tap on the parking lot! Good job! Now the visitors have space to park. Our festival is new, many people have no idea it exists. We need to attract more visitors. It's time for a marketing campaign! A radio campaign will attract more attention than newspaper ads. Let's launch a radio campaign! I'll pay for the first campaign, but the next one is on you. Its price will depend on the size of the festival. Now our festival will have more people. But remember, the length of the campaign is limited. Check for updates to relaunch it.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - F1m2uwknG
level up code - 4LWLBliD6
daily pack Idle Music Festival Tycoon cheat - enter pass Kzd7wOcBk
admin account - buoOVQLBu
Month Card x1 - bThwb4HXJ
booster pack - 3moN9N7Xt
evolve - El0QPt4CU
enhance - GC0EJ9Za0
Oh, too many people are standing in line for tickets. We need a new ticket booth. Tap on the entrance to the festival grounds. Great! Now visitors will get to the festival faster, and we'll get bigger profits. I think that you're ready to manage this festival on your own. You need to make this festival the best in the world! Follow my advice and you'll manage just fine! You'll take care of management here. And I'll take care of financing by seeking out new investors. Good luck and see you soon! The business is going great. It's the perfect time to open a Food Court. We have enough money for that! Watch a video to get money from an investor.

Idle Music Festival Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ticket booth - Festivalgoers need tickets to get in. Avoid long lines!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Music Festival Tycoon cheat code - give: auto clicker, game speed x10, visitors, off ads, cash, manager, offline rewards, booster pack, unlock buildings, speed up, exclusive decorations
3. Marketing - Manage ad campaigns in different media to attract more guests to the festival.
4. Stats - Check the stats for your festival here. Average values are shown below.
5. Build - Here you can build more facilities for your music festival. Some of them require special conditions.
6. Parking Lot - The Parking Lot's size limits the number of guests. More parking, more profit.
7. New Stage - The heart of the festival where the headliners will perform!
8. Food Court - Your visitors need to eat! Food Stand - Guests can grab a bite here before the show or after.
9. Tasks - There are different types of tasks. Do them and get a reward for each completed mission!
10. Restrooms - When festivalgoers need a break, toilets come in handy.

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