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Game story

One peaceful day commander of Death Born Terror came to conquer the world. The curse of the demon Lord has contaminated many races to have 'raging darkness' in their hearts. And many regions started ti change and succumb to darkness. To punish the demon lord and save the world, silver knight Sophia and many heroes challenge the born terror.

Idle Rush Hack Basics

You can edit and build your own star deck with up to 5 stars. You cna level up your star by using gold. Star grades can evolve in the following order. From common to legendary+ grade, you need 1 star of the same grade as a material card for evolution. From ancient to mythical+ grade, you need the star soul of the same grade, and the same star for evolution. You can get star souls when you dismantled a star, and the number of star souls you cna get varies based on the grade of the dismantled star.

Hint & Tips

1. Quest is a game play system that gives reward when you complete a given mission.
2. In celebration of the launch of the game, you cna get great rewards when you login and check attendance every day for 3 />3. Collect stone of mystery for orc village and exchange it for great items.
4. Use cheat code, and give: off ad, gold, auto clicker, promote, mythical equipment, ruby, lottery ticket, stone of mystery, stone of dawn, red dragon's breath, black dragon's essence, spirit's stone, immortality stone, platinum chest, special package


Collection contents include star collection, equipment collection. You can see the details of star or equipment. When you acquire a star or an equipment for the first time, you can get rewards. Equipment can be leveled up by increasing its EXP by sacrificing other equipment as material items. Equipment grades can evolve in the following order common, rare, epic, legendary, ancient, mythical. Equipment evolution can be done after upgrading the same grade, same part equipment to the max level and use the equipment powder of evolution. You can get equipment powder pf evolution when you dismantle an equipment, and the amount of the powder you can get varies based on the grade of the dismantled equipment.

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