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auto clicker - use uwFMGpSDU
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secret combination - h973hiIpV
game speed x10 - cDOvhEuNw
double rewards - JHnSvUYLs
cash - SxDNRLKmE
patron - 62Ct5LeXE
employees - A2G8dTlPG
Idle Toilet Tycoon starter package - 31bgsxvpg
admin panel - xZFlpMR4J
premium manager - 3L5LyX5sj
100% clean speed - use DdReEKriY
unlimited water - qXOYEiOnI
free roulette - VPWAUuehK
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gems - dLYQixmMx

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Idle Toilet Tycoon Game story

You are finally here! We've been waiting for you for a long time, it's fully renovated according to your design. Wait!? There seems to be some patrons coming!! Generates Profit everytime used by a patron. The toilet is quite simple for now, Upgrade Toilet to provide better service quality, and with it the Profit. Men's Toilet No.1 Stainless Squatty pot Although it's stainless, it does not looks gorgeous. Oh God, we forgot the Toilet Paper, I can't imagine what happened in there.

Good, now the condition of the toilet is improved,your profit goes Up with it A trash can, and then it's all set. Patrons usually wash their hands afterward, with a few exceptions...Patrons washing hands also generate Profit. Washbasin is can be upgrated as well, more washbasin will serve for more patrons. Old facets get stuck easily, and waste water. Not bad! Yet there's a long way to go, we need more patrons. Upgrade the signboard to bring bigger Patron Flow, we want More Patrons!

Idle Toilet Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

Waiting Area: Patron Flow - With higher Lv, you attract more patrons&cash! Good, now you are familiar with the basics of management Remember, Upgrade Toilet and Patron. Remember this lady if you want a fast growth!! KOL - Your toilet is marvelous, can i share it with my fans? Help our KOL, acquire Tons of Cash in a minute. We've acquired a big fortune! With the money, we can continue the Expansion of the Men's Toilet. With more toilet, we can serve more patrons! The rest is on your shoulder! I'll be by your side! By the way, Hot Dog Shop is under renovation, it should be ready by Tomorrow, don't forget to check it

enter cheat (Idle Toilet Tycoon gift codes):
upgrade trucos - M4dL9iSET
level up - Dck8cMfU2
daily pack - enter pass QLW73sO81
admin account - HzoA1pNho
Month Card x1 - JI50aDcV7
booster pack - zHu9dzhGZ
evolve - N1XTlPFCs
enhance - eJPss3QN9
Urination Area: Metal Urinal - A crude urinal, smells, without doubt. Water Treatment: Water Purifier - With advanced treatment, the water can be recycled. Waiting Area: patron Flow - With higher lv, you can attract more patrons&cash!
Janitorial Room - you can manage cleaning and repair of facilities here and increase efficiency. Common Pool - Cleans the tools, yet causes waste of water. Square Pool - Upgrade to Square Washbasin, barely make do.
Water Pool upgrated, facility with high Lv speeds up its process! Yet cost more water Besides, the management of Employees are also conducted here, try now. Now we have two staff, try to Recruit one more new staff. High Stat employees come with a bit higher Payment, choose the ones suit you the best.
Free and Smooth - Affected by unknown power, all patrons speeds up their procedure in the toilets a lot Toilet Rush lasts for 2 min.

Idle Toilet Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. I forgot to you, the development of a toilet needs large amount of Water, therefore we have our own. Upgrade Water Treatment sytem allows you to have More Water, it's not cheap, I'll put it on my bill this time. Water supply increases Remember to Check Water Usage!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Toilet Tycoon cheat code - give: auto clicker, game speed x10, cash, patron, off ads, employees, premium manager, 100% clean speed, unlimited water, free roulette, slots, gems.
3. Oops, a facility is Broken and can't be used! Don't worry, we have professional Repairman, tap the Broken Facility to page him over. Look, the repairman is on the way The worker fixed it in no time. The facility could be broke from time to time, just remember to Fix it in time.
4.Vending Machine generates profit in certain regulation, remember to Regularly tap on it to Collect.
5. Watch video to earn double profit for 30 min. Watch total 5 times to earn extra.
6. Time to Upgrade Waiting area. The larger the waiting area is, the more patrons we can keep. Good, but that can only solve the problem temporarily. Build More Slot is the key!
7. Hold a repair contest, see who repairs the fastest! Repair( and clean) all facilities now.

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