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Idle Tower Kingdom use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Thank goodness you're here! Malicious rebels are attacking our beloved kingdom and try to take what is rightfully ours. We have to defend it at all costs. They are approaching us in waves until one of their cowardly leaders shows up. Annihilate them before they can break through the city gates. But do not worry! Our time spell will reset the current wave if they succeed. Now use your power to turn your taps into MYO missiles and vase us! Look at all this loot! Finally we get back what was stolen from us. Tap castle button to open the tower menu and let us use right away. We have enough gold to build a new tower, which will automatically attack our enemies.

Idle Tower Kingdom Hack Basics

Check out the available towers by tapping the button. Looks like there is only the archer tower so far, but there will be more options soon. Nevertheless, it will devastate these traitors. Ket us return to the battlefield to see the newly built tower in action. Just tap the highlighted button to close the menu. Herbs - the alchemists' guild has stumbled over some HERBS during their studies. You can use them in the alchemist menu to brew useful potions. Research 0 reach the indicated wave to complete it and receive a one time reward such as the fire tower. Furthermore, the alchemist will soon be able to offer you useful potions like transmutation or time tonic. Return later to brew them here. Fire tower - deals devastating damage to a single enemy.

Hint & Tips

1. All potions are only limited in stock. Uf you activate prestige, the stock will be replenished.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: mythic rune, resource, potions, talent points, herbs, game speed x10, auto clicker, gold coins, prestige, jewels
3. The tower has gained its first talent point. Just tap on its icon to open the talent menu and access the tower's talents. Only the first talent row is unlocked yet. Invest more talent points to unlock the other rows. Select a talent by tapping on it and upgrade it now.
4. Our craftsmen have made all the necessary preparations to ascend. Every 10 waves the power of our kingdom can be increased, granting a global bonus and all towers one talent points.
5.Runestones are an important resource. You can get them either from rebel leader or through prestige. You have enough to forge your first regular rune! They grant you global and some special bonuses. For further upgrades, just tap on the rune.
6.Chests contain precious loot such as herbs, materials, and extensions. Free chest will return every 4 hours. The free chest unlocked new extensions for your towers, granting you global bonuses, regardless of whether a tower is built.

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