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Idle Trading Empire Game story

This game is all about gathering resources and shipping them to different regions to craft advanced products or selling them for a profit. This map shows all the regions you will be able to explore later on. For now, tap on Sickle Island! Each region has multiple production zones. Tap on the forest. Start gathering some Wood until you have earned $10. You can keep tapping on the Wood icon to accelerate the process! Now it's time to get your production going. Enter the Lumberjack's hut, then upgrade Pine Wood. This is your current Quest. Keep improving your Wood production to unlock the Hunter! Nicely done! Now, start gathering Meat to unlock the Town, where you can sell your products for higher prices!

Idle Trading Empire Hack Basics trucos

You can now start moving your goods to town for additional profit. Open the Transport menu! Buy a Hand Cart. These numbers represent the amount of goods that are produced in this zone and the amount of goods that can be moved right now. Next, let's have a look at the specific goods in this zone. Tap on Priority! You can change how different goods are prioritized for transportation. Tap on Meat, then change its priority to high! Let's have a look where your products are going, shall we? Go to Town and enter the Trading Post! Recruit Guild Members by opening Guild Chests. Each region has a Trading Post where your products will be sold for a high price. You can upgrade them to further increase the sale price. Your Trading Post multipliers are accumulated, so the more Trading Posts your goods pass, the higher your profit will be!

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To help you get started, I have had a little gift delivered to the Hunter's place. Let's go back and have a look at it, shall we? This is a Guild Chest, which contains applications of people who would like to join your trade guild. Go to your inventory to open it! Guild Chest - Contains 3 Guild Members. Guild members can be assigned to Buildings and Transport Routes. You now have three guild members, who can help manage your facilities. Let's assign Zelene to the Hunter. Guild members can apply a boost to the facility they are working at. Go ahead and activate Zelene's ability! This should cover all the basics. I wish you the best of luck in building your very own trading empire!

Idle Trading Empire Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can hire a variety of different staffers. This screen will also show you what type of room the staffer works in. For example, dance coaches and choreographers work in the dance room.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Idle Trading Empire cheat code - give: resources, gold, game speed x10, auto clicker, manager, guild chest, members, 72h boost, increase capacity, off ads, gems, special offer
3. Let's start by hiring a manager to help us with some business deals. Select either a "sales manager" or "production manager.
4. Now, our new staffer needs a place to work. Let's go back to the main agency view and build an office for her. Click on an unused space and select "office'.

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