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IdleOn Casual Idle MMO Game story

Hmm...outer space, i guess that's a cool background for a tutorial. So, where are the lame tutorial arrows that force you to click things? I guess you'll have to figure out how to open the portal yourself! The number on the portal is how many skulls you can fit in your airplane luggage without being caught by security. Huh..thats weird, who would put an Anvil all the way out here? These guys are too tough, i need to get new weapon. But how am i gonna get one out here?

IdleOn Casual Idle MMO Hack Basics trucos

If only someone capable of tapping on an anvil could figure it out for me! I need some ores and logs to craft that epic new weapon. Tap on those rocks to the lef, oh mighty human! Drag your finger over the ores to pick them up! I'd do it myself, but i don't really have any fingers. Nice, that's all the ores we need! Now we just need some Alien logs, tap on that tree thingy over to the right. That's all the materials needed for the weapon, time to get crafting.

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Tap the items button, and drag the new weapon into the weapon slot - that's the slot the sword os currently in. The final boss is down that hole. There's even a trampoline at the bottom for you to land on! Yo gammer, go talk to Scripticus back in town. You know, the funny shopping list with the gold quest bubble? They'll give you some main quests that'll help a noobie like you understand the game.

IdleOn Casual Idle MMO Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. I know this must still be a shock for you, since only a moment ago you were a massive legend gamer on their way to beating up the final boss. There's no shortcut back to the top. You're gonna have to level up, craft armor, master skills, fight bosses, and complete hundreds of quests.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter IdleOn Casual Idle MMO cheat code - give: increase stats, rank up, materials, equipment, legendary heroes, amaterasu's treasure, gold coins, gems, promote, artifact
3. You can see detailed stats about your character, which are divided into categories. When you're done checking out your stats, close the window and go back through the town portal.

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