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Immortal Reborn use cheats
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Game story

Once again i was born in this world...Do you believe in reincarnation? I may not belong to this world, but there is something i should do. What a sunny day! Position: nobility - a versatile career expect for summoning. Merchant - a vulnerable summoner with powerful Minions. Educator - a good damage and summoner. A tank and damage, growing stronger with Minions. Civilian - a reliable tank. Hunter - a balanced damage. Orphan - an incredible damage depending on luck. Yet a bad summoner. Change of identity is available after reaching certain progress.

Immortal Reborn Hack Basics

After each turn of the action bar, the card enters the action queue and waits to attack. usually, you will attack the leftmost enemy! There are two main types of damage: physical and magical. The magical skills includes four elements: fire, ice, light and dark. You can recognize them by color. Attack range of main hand weapon determines where you can strike. More weapons provides chances of survival. Go to character to equip another weapon. Don't forget to equip you new weapons! Weapons generate up to two cards in a fight. You can also equip different one-handed weapons in both hands. Go back to the map when you complete the progress, and you'll get tons of rewards. The world may change as the missions is complete.

Hint & Tips

1.Tap the guide button to quickly move to the location of the quest. Explore the mist to discover the wider world.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: exp, coins, gold, mythic equipment, godly weapon, crystals, rune, master scroll, gem, forging scroll, materials
3. There is a change of getting equipment with activated unique effects. These equipment with unique names will increase your stats and skill effects.
4. Learn new classes when you meet the requirements. You can change your classes at any time. Different classes provide various power skills. Tap the skill to equip, upgrade, promote, and check for more details. Equipped skills generate cards in combat. You can equip 4 skills at most.

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