Cheats hack Implicit War code:free gameplay, premium equipment, boss stage, multiplayer mode, arena, costume, weapon box Implicit War Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Implicit War hack cheat code List

free gameplay - use hack kVfc9ib0s
daily pack - enter pass fCq5UwH3m
premium equipment - C0NiN3SsF
boss stage - 2lK1yqxDQ
booster pack - HAMltOoZG
multiplayer mode - vzfXGYZ2F
Month Card x1 - QApg7ynmr
arena - 6wRGVhXex
daily gift bag x10 - QIZEr8DDe
costume - 2qCt6MQjq
weapon box - URLp3KSPC
treasure chest - 7EfVdst4H
upgrade - BHfu2IoB0
level up - J1zlB9TxG

Implicit War use cheats
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Game story

In the future, the large corporations have become a serious threat to world security. The corporation Zila-Y controls several third countries of the world. The corporation is developing a new generation of weapons in these countries. Most of the countries of the world are preparing lonely soldiers for implicit war with Zila-Y. We managed to find one of the secret bases corporation located in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan. We will deliver you to the landing area and remember that place is mountain. Communication will not be. Your task is quietly and without noise to get information about the developments.

Implicit War Hack Basics

Click "attack" for use a weapon. Available only in the base mode. Use the stealth mode - the character is walking slow, but nobody hears him. Use for kill from back. Tasks are on this level. A tasks has yellow icon - is main task of the level. If a task doesn't do a lift doesn't open to a next level. Hold the button for accelerate the time. You can use acceleration time when you stay on a place. Checkpoint - also, the game is saved at the main event of the level. The energy point - you can improve the feature of the character. Explore a level and you can find these points.

Hint & Tips

1. Hold a finger on the icon for read information.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: free gameplay, premium equipment, boss stage, multiplayer mode, arena, costume, weapon box
3. Beware of cameras. If you are noticed, the alarm is raised immediately and the nearest guards will run to this place. Use an electro grenade for disable a camera.

Implicit War Hack tools Version:


Implicit War Redeem code - premium gift box

1. kjU1M1aLjVu13Dr
2. OzTj8jp57iVrhet
3. 7zBLnjrOhsErPmz
4. W0gKq7eZCOUaG9E
5. TywPDhqDS2sIbub
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