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Indies Lies Game story

Soul Essence - Deal 25 damage. If this card kills an enemy, increase its damage by 5 this combat. Block is cleared at the beginning of each turn. Defeat enemies by playing your cards! Cards require energy to play. When you run out of energy, end your turn. When your turn starts, you gain energy back and draw 4 cards. If your draw pile is empty, your discard pile is shuffled into the draw pile. When the enemy is about to attack you, play defense cards to gain blocks. blocks can prevent damage, but will be removed next turn. Check enemy intent over their heads. Long press enemy to check features. Don't forget to gain blocks by plaing defense cards if an enemy is about to attack.

Indies Lies Hack Basics trucos

Mystic Dagger - Remove one enemy positive effect and deal 16 damage. Join Redhammer Church, use wizard card 'Strike' to kill any enemy. Gold dropped in battles can be used at shops. There are two ways to claim card rewards: Add - add the card to your deck; Replace - replace a card in your deck. Props can be retained after battles. Use gold to buy items from merchants. Money is exactly what is necessary to achieve your dreams, but you are one step closer to death. Sometimes Rune cards work better without being attached to cards. Move your cards left or right to choose target. Drag your card to choose target. Runes can be obtained from chests and merchants. Runes can be used in combat, or attach to other cards to enhance their effects. Merging with Runes comes with certain restraints: Only blue and golden cards can be attached to Runes.

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Skills: Power Dash - Deal 13 damage. Add 1 Dash to your hand. Psychic Spell - Deal 12 damage. View top 3 cards from draw pile, discard any number of them. Renewal - Draw 2 hero cards. Discard 1 card in your hand. Frail reduces the block you gain from cards by 25%. Aflame - Apply 10 Fire and spread to ALL enemies. Price to Pay - Deal damage equal to twice your Psychic to ALL enemies. Wizards Eye - View top 5 cards from draw pile, discard any number of them. Exhaust. Wild Fire - Deal 12 damage. Apply Fire equal to enemy HP loss.
Gain talent sparks from elite battles, merchants and events. Click avatar on the top left corner to view talents. Talent trees are randomly generated in each game, Spark 1 talent to unlock adjacent talents. Strategize your talents and cards to venture further in your journey.

Indies Lies Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can invite a partner into your team after boss battles. +1 energy for each partner at the start of each turn. Partner's separate pile will not affect hero pile. Each partner draws 1 card each turn. Partners can build a deck to cooperate.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Indies Lies cheat code - give: energy, gold, legendary card, rune, talent sparks, restore HP, increase DMG, partners, skins, exclusive content, shield, artifact
3. Drag to put characters to the front, middle or back. Put a shield character in the front because most enemies will likely attack the front. Certain cards can be strengthened at specific positions. Tick "Change formation" in settings, and you can change formation when restarting a battle.
4. When level is lower than Level 4, dead partners will be resurrected and gain a small amount of HP before the next battle starts.
5. [-Obsession-] - Create two Desire Fragments that can use Taunt. [-Greed-] Increase defense and health for all friendly characters.
6. Evelyn is good at inflicting all kinds of negative effects: [-Wince-] - When HP is low, retreat and summon 3 Desire Fragments. [-Edgy-] - Put 2 Blank into your discard pile. [-Gluttony-] - Deal high damage after preparation turn.

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