Cheats hack Infinite Worlds code:hero, promote, equipment, skills, advance, increase stats, fortuna wheel, materials, legendary book Infinite Worlds Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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hero - use cSRGV133R
off ads - IA3mWL7IA
secret combination - xoNcrtCtS
promote - MUw8Hr4MY
double rewards - kaTPCEjFW
equipment - 54g2d2khF
skills - XxvgavWOp
advance - avobLCwft
starter package - Fcmj1v5Up
admin panel - i6NcLny66
increase stats - a5fSmyMKg
fortuna wheel - use wLP4AbpVx
materials - TVh0X9qvn
legendary book - 1kLicPgIK
furnace - 4xHynJ6Hb
gold coins - cZ85f8eg2
gems - v5Ik306qy

Infinite Worlds use cheats
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Game story

D.Y. 1506, the time and space gear fell off and collapsed. The collision between worlds and worlds eventually caused the collapse of multiple words. The sky was torn apart by disasters. A crack between different worlds showed up in the sky. Refugees from collapsing world, wanderers, invaders...various creatures appeared from the crack. Queen Efalia called all warlords of Apocalypse knight to save the world. Sages of them use Grail of apocalypse to summon adventurers from other worlds to seek out the secret of the unusual collapse of the time and space gear. Adventurers from different worlds, come together! Defeat invaders, save this world and other worlds out there.

Infinite Worlds Hack Basics trucos

Human: aboriginal of Miragar - kingdom's capital, some of them with strong will formed a knights and protect the king of Miragar. Elf - an mysterious race in the initial world tree forest. Being close to magic and nature, they've get various magical abilities. They will get special power in the dark night. Dragonborn - the descendats of the dragons from the ancient dragon wars. Some of their race overuse dragon mood's power and has a 'dragonization' form.

enter cheat (Infinite Worlds gift codes):
upgrade trucos - t9wDPgRfE
level up - ULkMUVqsq
daily pack - enter pass Jp9oBBoZ9
admin account - NWW9y7ZbG
Month Card x1 - f3BwDkfqL
booster pack - 9Cz3Vueed
evolve - 1xDTzPs2T
enhance - DLccxQFqU
Adventurers! We need to check out what's ging on in another world. I'll meet you at the entrance to other worlds. Challenge the daily tower of heroes to earn rare hero pieces or legendary gear. If you get materials from the battle go to the smelter and produce experience books. Pass level with 3 stars to receive special rewards. Complete all levels to receive the final rewards.

Infinite Worlds Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Once the hero has reached the max star levels he will be able to breakthrough.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: hero, promote, equipment, skills, advance, increase stats, fortuna wheel, materials, legendary book, furnace, gold coins
3. There is a chance that the legendary EXP book will appear in the process of crafting the EXP books. Hero upgrade is the most important, seize the use of materials to create more experience books.
4. Heroes need to reach the upper limit of the current level to perform the upgrade operation, and heroes of the same star. Upgrade skills require the same hero, or legend slime.

Infinite Worlds Hack tools Version:


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