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Infinity Conflict hack cheat code List

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special enchanted pack - z1HLnR6Cz
destiny road pack - H6pR1Yy6q
emblems - iCNFaORQn
honor - DiUvclGrO
diamonds - kHjChLWtt

Infinity Conflict use cheats
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Game story

Well, the first thing to learn is how to move. Use joystick to move to the light. The enemy appeared. Click or press for normal attack. A normal attack gains rage when it hits the enemy. Releasing skills will cost the rage. Skills can cause a lot of damage in an instant. You can dodge to avoid attacks. Use skill to lead us to defeat the enemy in front of you. Heroes can alternately appear in battle. Let the queen Petra go into battle. Petra queen can also fight as a support. All heroes in the team can be replaced to take part in the battle. A combination strategy that the team vows to be effective can greatly improve combat capability.

Infinity Conflict Hack Basics

When the enemy attacks, use roll over to avoid it. A normal attack gains rage when it hits the enemy. Ordinary attack hit enemies can accumulate the energy needed for skills. Each hero has its own unique vow effect. The effect of the oath will affect all heroes in the team. Heroes can also come on stage as support.
Knight - As the most powerful armed force and the most loyal troops in the mainland, the knights are responsible for defending the empire. THe mage guild - was once active on the mainland as a secret force, with a very small number, but it was enough to influence every major historical process.

Hint & Tips

1. Destiny cards can be upgraded using other destiny cards and special materials. Breaking through the destiny card can raise the upper limit of the level, and reaching a certain level will add new attribute to it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: destiny card call, friendship points, SSR hero, celebration pack, lottery tickets, sweep, energy, gold, special enchanted pack, destiny road pack, emblems, honor, diamonds
3. Each hero has his own unique talent.
4. Potion obtained in adventure can increase hero level. The increase of hero level will increase the combat attribute. It is an important way to improve the level of heroes. All the heroes in the battle decide the total power of the team.

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