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Infinity Legends Game story

Surviver! This world is dying. War is spreading across the land. You will face many unknown enemies. Look, a dangerous enemy is approaching. Let us help you through this challenge! Odin and Reginn will have you fight the enemy. Deploy them for battle! Tap (Odin) and (Reginn) to deploy them. The enemy is too strong. Our heroes are building up divine power and getting ready their Ultimate Skill. Tap (Odin) to use the Ultimate Skill.

Infinity Legends Hack Basics trucos

It seems you are no ordinary challenger. The enemy does not stand a chance against you. But we must not let our guard down. The wave of enemies is finally defeated. You can breathe easy for now, but the enemy won't give up that easily. We must replenish supplies and reinforce our team as quickly as possible. The Eternal Flame's embers contain sacred power that will greatly assist your growth. Remember to claim them regularly.

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The Eternal Flame's embers contain shards of memories. You may see visions of the past when you divine power resonates with them. Make the correct choices to receive great rewards. The gods have bestowed upon you the gift of supreme strength! The enemy has send powerful reinforcements. We need to deploy our backup Heroes. Don't let the enemy break through our line of defence! Slide a card up to switch Heroes. The enemy is preparing to unleash their Ultimate Skill, and our weaker Heroes are in danger. Deploy more powerful Heroes to replace them and resist the attack! Slide Lugh up to replace Kalia in battle.

Infinity Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ragnarok has begun. Our current strength is not enough to prevent the destruction of the world. But i know a place where you can enhance you strength. Gods who wish to save the world have preserved the last piece ot the Eternal Flame on a distant island, protected by a barrier. Go to the (Distant Island) and use the power of Eternal Flame to enhance your Heroes' strength!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Infinity Legends cheat code - give: increase stats, rank up, materials, equipment, legendary heroes, amaterasu's treasure, gold coins, gems, promote, artifact
3. The Eternal Flame's divine power can make your Heroes stronger. Follow my steps and use its power to strengthen your Heroes! Add materials for rank up. You Hero grows stronger when they rank up in the Eternal Flame. Make sure to rank them up regularly! Rank up info: increase Might, Max level, HP, ATK, DEF. You need to spend resources to level up your Hero after ranking them up.
4. If you are not strength enough to defeat an enemy, you can visit the Pantheon on the Distant Island, where you can connect with various gods. At the Pantheon you can summon new gods to join you.
5. Amaterasu's treasure - here are resources to celebrate your arrival at the Realm of the Gods. Log in for 7 consecutive days to get great rewards. Receive the Hero (Amaterasu) on the 7th day!

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