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Iris and the Giant hack cheat code List

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Iris and the Giant use cheats
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Game story

Today my father is giving me to my swimming lesson. He's speaking to me but i'm not answering. A ball of anguish is lodged in my throat, and stops me from speaking. It feels like somebody is crying inside my chest. From up here, i can hear them laughing at me. A storm awakens itself in me. My lungs fill with an immense sea of sorrow. I fall, i drive, and i depart.

Iris and the Giant Hack Basics

The ferryman of the styx? River that separates the real from the imaginary. It's funny, i no longer feel fear, but i know i am here to face my demons. Before letting you go, here are some tips. Each turn you draw 4 cards and you have to play one. Play axe card to hit all the demons in front of you. During their turn, demons attack you. Sword cards can be played in the same turn. Play your 3 sword cards now. Touch the stair to reach the next floor.

Hint & Tips

1. Open chests to find new cards. Opening a chest does not end your turn. Chests also allow you to keep your enemy at good distance.
2. Touch crystal to pick them up. They will allow you to get special cards. Picking up a crystal gives me 1 will point. On each floor i will find 1 more crystals.
3. You can open your bag to see the cards you have left. Be careful, if your bag is empty, you lose the game. Cards are my weapons. Without cards, i won't be able to fight and the game will be over.
4. Use cheat code, and give: Imagination, chest, stars, determination, optimism, crystals, legendary card, restore health, resistance, nerve


Each defeated demons gives you one star. You can see here the stars you have to find to become stronger. Your stars allow you to upgrade one of your traits.
Lastly, demon attacks will reduce your will. Be careful, if your will reaches zero, you lose the game. use your cards with strategy and reach the stairs.
When play a confidence card, it turns into a flame card i can play this turn. When use whip - steal a card. This ability does not work on the enemies of the first row.
The most powerful cards can only be stolen from enemies. Try to avoid sorrow cards or the melancholy will paralyze you for good.

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