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shards - use hack 5A9S3JuEp
daily pack - enter pass AJkOl7l9Q
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summon x10 - E3UvWmiv5
booster pack - LaqzTr8hu
gems - z1Em20gof
Month Card x1 - LuXXL8rga
legendary hero - ef4OphpuT
daily gift bag x10 - FR9tuclNc
gear - j2uMBuAo6
materials - lafEKGyZ3
upgrade - hpKu22sV5
level up - NiV2uxd2r
novice pack - NBwRDg7ux
speed up - vaBS7M8cA
vip - lB1ygN4Fj

Iron Shelter use cheats
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Game story

Here lays a mysterious summit at the core of this world. This summit is hidden in the clouds. The wizened ancestors harnessed a crystal borne of the mountain herself "the Motherlode" to create civilization. Unfortunately, the constant draining of power from the crystal caused it to overload. Resulting in an energy explosion. The explosion cause shards from the Motherlode to be scattered across all corners of the world. Newcomer, wake up! The Motherlode's explosion has plunged the world into chaos, and you're still lazing about? We must find her shards to keep the shelter running. Come with me if you want to live. Why are you still standing around?! If you got all that, follow me and learn about the work you'll be doing in future.

Iron Shelter Hack Basics

The summoning altar attracts its seekers by releasing its power, and is one of the ways to boost our forces. Head there now to find able companions. Summon heroes with basic summoning - you can summon 1 or 10 characters each time. Summoning consumes scrolls. Be sure to bring more reliable fellows back. Now let us go to battle hall. The Motherlode's shards are scattered all over the subterranean depths, and we must find them. You can also mine rare ores that will improve your heroes. We have to keep digging downwards to obtain more resources. I'll return regularly to check on your gains. Remember to turn in your resources timely. You'll have to dig deeper if you want to dig for more treasure. We're not the only ones in the darkness though. THe power emanating from those shards attracts rather unsavory fellows, and you'll have to defeat them to advance. Choose a hero to deploy first. Don;t let the newly recruited hero idle around.

Hint & Tips

1. You can also drag a hero's avatar to change their placement. Only when tank hero (warriors and druids) stand in the first row can he gain 50 energy at the beginning of the battle. Otherwise, he will have to accumulate it slowly. In the future, you must pay attention to the type of the hero and his position in the battlefield.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shards, summon x10, legendary hero, gear, gold, materials, speed up, chest, novice pack, gems
3. There are many unity types. The more heroes deployed, the more powerful the unities formed. Unities are very powerful. Multiple hero unities can be active at the same time, so summon more heroes to earn more powerful unity buffs.
4. The "warcry phase" starts when you enter battle. Heroes with warcry will use the warcry effect. The number of turns is shown at the top of the battlefield screen. We cna tap on the top right button of the screen to speed up battles or skip to the result.
5. Apart from summoning, heroes can also be merged from shards. You can summon the corresponding unit if you collect enough shards.
6. The longer your dig time, the better our gains, which cap out at 10h. Past that, these layabouts will stop working, so be sure to collect your gains timely.

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