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cash - use X43cfHe2M
off ads - 3Q3N0SGRB
secret combination - itoK7H2RX
energy - ZshHJQMKh
double rewards - zHnHkdCuB
speed up - TlPr8XeXQ
auto clicker - Wg9nPma80
starter package - 0MFftfvwU
admin panel - c1P9kL01J
automate parts - BRdDFkuGP
crystals - use yZN8u4Dxs
egetuarium - Z5U5up1gR
tokens - MpUgWYf7A
research - aacqDbZn9

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Game story

Welcome to Idle Space Energy Particle Simulator labs. As an Employer here, you'r job to produce energy and generate revenue. You can see your current energy and how much you gain each second on the resource bar at the top of the screen. You can sell your banker energy for cash by pressing the sell energy button at the top of the screen. When you sell energy, you also gain experience points. As you can see at the top of the screen, a progress bar slowly fills as you earn more money. Give it a go, sell some energy.

ISEPS Hack Basics trucos

Use your cash to upgrade your alpha particle. Pressing continue will open the associated 'particle a' upgrade menu. Your alpha particle can be upgraded here. Every particle has it's own set of modifiers. Spawn rate - determines how often a particle will be spawned. Life time - determines how long each individual particle lives. Velocity - determines the movement speed of each particle.

enter cheat (ISEPS gift codes):
upgrade trucos - MoYHEUVbJ
level up - ctzIAgxv1
daily pack - enter pass 5wdaBnQks
admin account - 3Nj861gGL
Month Card x1 - iahEDfI5k
booster pack - DjsBTeJCx
evolve - NqyLQJMs1
enhance - y6nmYX37f
For now, keep selling your energy for cash, to upgrade your alpha particle more. The automation hub - here you can spend LP to automate parts of the game. Your get LP when you level up. Start by purchasing auto sell. Every X interval, your cash will be sold without having to click the button. No need to get your fingers all tired! You can unlock new automations or upgrade existing ones for faster and better results.

ISEPS Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Welcome to the market. Are you ready to make real profits? Then you've come to the right place. Here you can increase the cash value of your energy, and increase the amount of companies you sell your energy to. Both of these things increases profits a lot. Sell price - determines the sell price of 1 energy. Buyers - multiplies your sell price for each buyer.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter ISEPS cheat code - give: cash, energy, auto clicker, LP, automate parts, crystals, egetuarium, tokens, research, speed up.
3. Welcome to planet Beerus research center - a place of great academic and scientific abundance. When you have enough cash, i suggest you start by funding some research. Researches are powerful upgrades that greatly improves various aspects of the game.

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