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Jobmania Eternal Dungeon Game story

Hi there, it's me Slimey! I will be cute newbie guide of the game. This game can be a bit complicated at first for some players, but fear not! There is a reason why I am here! Come come, just follow me. Welcome to the dungeon! A new adventure has just begun for you! Here are some free level 1 jobs that I have prepared for you. Let's pick this job. Now enter the first chapter of the dungeon. Let's start our first battle! It might seem like theres a lot going on here, but it's actually pretty simple, let me walk you through things.

Åction Points (AP) - Executing an ability or swapping jobs may consume AP. It will be replenished to the default value at the beginning of each turn. Protect bar. Enemy's direct attacks can't deal damage to your HP before this is depleted. Icon shows our draw pile during the battle. We can check on the cards left in our deck here. These abilities are the abilities that we have in our hand, New abilities will be drawn from our draw pile at the start of each turn. Always pay attention to our AP. We will have to end our turn if we run out of AP

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon Hack Basics trucos

The discard pile, used abilities and discarded abilities go here. They will be put back into the draw pile when the draw pile has been depleted. Let's try recovering AP by discarding an ability. We can swap our jobs and use our job ability in battle. Drag your secondary job onto the primary job to swap jobs. We've changed our jobs and used the swapped job's ability! Please be aware that changing jobs will increase the AP cost of that job by 1. But don't worry! This AP cost will reset at the beginning of each turn. We can open it to check on our buffs and passives. Passives are the powers that naturally come with your jobs or characters, which are always active. The most recent buffs will be shown on line.

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Default job that we've brought into the dungeon. You can press and hold on it to check its details. When outside battle, this will become our ability deck. Every new ability that you acquire will go here. You can click on me to check my stats and abilities! Click the question mark in the top right corner to check on your enemy's details. You and your enemies will take turns acting first! Try to make sure that your kit is strong enough before entering a battle. Now you can freely choose what to encounter. Sometimes is necessary to avoid battles. Try and see how many floors can you climb! I believe that you've probably noticed that this number here changes when you use abilities. This is actually your combo counter. When we use abilities with the same stat type continuously, extra bonuses will be given to us. You can click on this for more details. This is how the enemy will behave if we end our turn. Values like damage and heal will also be shown here.

Jobmania Eternal Dungeon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. For enemies. AP means Action Play instead of Action Points, which are the number of actions that they will execute Be careful! Enemy behavior might change if their HP reaches certain thresholds, Now end our turn, and see how this guy actually behaves.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Jobmania Eternal Dungeon cheat code - give: unlimited action point, abilities, shield, job material, gold coins, gacha, weapons, gems, weapon, equipment, vip, premium pack.
3. If we die inside the dungeon, we will not be able to take any rewards found in treasure with us, Retreat early to keep these treasures.
4. Market - where we can buy abilities and job materials to become stronger. We can purchase things like job materials and new potential chapters here.
5. job menu - this is the place where we can equip default johs and also craft new jobs. Here is where we can create new jobs by combining old johs and job material. Let me show you how this can be done. Newly unlocked jobs will appear in the dungeon randomly. Also please note that only (Jobless] can be used in combinations an unlimited number of times. All other johs will be consumed when combined.

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