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Game story

Welcome to our ancient and beautiful world! As the newly appointed leader of the islands, i'll help you familiarize yourself with the land. Each tribe needs protection, so you'll need to have powerful combat heroes to help out. Let me teach you how to summon heroes. Normal summon will summon a lower quality combat units (1-5 stars). Normal summons requires normal summon tickets. Heroic summon will summon a high quality combat hero (3-5 stars). You should already be familiar with hero calling, so let's introduce element battlefield. After winning the element battlefield, you can get the customs clearance reward and AFK rewards. Time for us to get into our first battle.

Joyous Barbarian Hack Basics trucos

First, let's set our hero into the formation. Each unit belongs to a specific race that counters one another. Press hero to see details. Heroes obtain energy by attacking or receiving attacks. Once their energy fills up, they will automatically unleash their skill. Go check them out in your inventory. Other than being summoned, combat heroes can also be obtained by combining fragments. Let's learn how we can combine fragments into a combat hero.

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upgrade trucos - eQ6exm0PB
level up - gZZqaZyAS
daily pack - enter pass Zb1RcLaUv
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Month Card x1 - optl1GXNr
booster pack - Fm5PjNGZl
evolve - xbmWBHpGl
enhance - CoopJte8D
To survive in these adventures, let's make your characters stronger. Heroes can be dismantled into plant essence which is an important material used for upgrading heroes. Elemental battlegrounds will become harder with each stage. Let's go upgrade our heroes and increase their CP. We have enough materials to level up hero. Next is wearing equipment. Your unit's Cp has increased significantly after wearing equipment.

Joyous Barbarian Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Front row heroes better at tanking enemy attacks, while back row heroes are better at dealing damage to the enemies. Set formations with that in mind.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: advanced summon, shards, essence, materials, awakening, equipment, summon ticket, gems, gold coins, speed up, stamina
3. The black market has been opened, and we can buy materials to strengthen heroes and other precious items through the black market.
4. Tap on the hero's avatar to choose which hero you wish to dispatch.

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