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Jumping Zombie PoBK use cheats
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Game story

Year 2020,ethere's a zombie outbreak in all over the world. And the zombie is jumping. Tap to shoot. By the way, this weird jumping zombie is called 'pocong'. We don't know why or how, but this new kind of jumping enemies has been spotted everywhere in the world. I'm stuck here and can't get down. Hopefully i can get down after we clear all of those jumping hordes. Let's fight and survive this outbreak together. Save the World!

Jumping Zombie PoBK Hack Basics

I think shotgun is not strong enough. Let's upgrade this weapon. Shotgun - classic weapon to fight agains enemies. Including Pocong, the jumping zombie. Upgrade: gold x50, iron x5. Choose first adventure skills: double shot, critical +, reload time down. Double shot - you will fire two bullets at once. Critical + - critical hit chance has been increased. Bouncy shot - your bullet will bounce between the enemy. ATK - damage dealt has been increased. Now we can defeat those units in one single shot.

Hint & Tips

1. Fuse same equipment to increase the quality.
2. Do you need some help to fight enemies? Tako can help you!
3. These pocong keeps jumping and getting stronger! We have to keep improving our defense. New fortress slot is available. Now you can install defensive items on your wall. New types of defensive item are available in the equipment chest.
4. Use cheat code, and give: double coins, off ad, premium weapon, resources, unlock slot, auto aim,defeat units in one single shot, increase attack speed, booster.
5. Play new gameplay mode with more rewards in the challenge mode.


We need to build up our defense. Can you help me check the warehouse? I made Barbed Wire last year to repel the crows from the corn fields. But somehow it didn't work at all! So weird...but i think it'll be suitable to fight those jumping enemies.
Pocong - weird little jumping zombie. Jumping through hoops to make you jump at your own shadow. Pobbit - swift and love to make fun of the Tortoise. Wait, that should be the description for a hare.
Kunai - not as strong as shotgun. But it'll give you more chance to shoot and make you look as cool as Ninja. Fortress - can damage Pocong who's foolish enough to land their jump on top of this.

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