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Game story

Ave captain, after the sun has risen, we can see the full extent of the disaster that stuck our expedition last night. The concordia and Justitia sank in the storm. The wreckage of the ships washed ashore and is serving us as a supply of wood. Some of the sailors are still missing. We do not have great hopes of finding them alive. There is no trace of the Victoria and her crew, among them our only shipbuilder. Maybe this is a good sign. The coast where we are stranded is completely foreign to us. We do not recognize any of the constellations in the night sky of this land. Fortunately, this island provides everything we need to sustain ourselves. To feed our crew we should hunt in the forest and catch fish on the coast. We can obtain build materials by taking wood from the forests and quarrying the rocks in the area. We should also set up tents to house all the men.

Abstrrkt Explorers Hack Basics

Headquarters - the most important building. Stores goods. Supports 10 population and 8 soldiers. Small area of influence. A hunter produces a small amount of food. It can only be built on a forest tile. As we continue to explore the island, we should make maps to help us navigate this unfamiliar terrain. This should make it particularly easy to traverse the forests. A barracks is the smallest military building, supports two soldier and exerts a small area of influence. A military building can attack enemy military buildings if enough soldiers are available. When an enemy building in attack range is selected the attack action will appear. Your territory is defined by the influence of your military buildings.

Hint & Tips

1. Vast plain - there we can cultivate crops to produce more food for our crew.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: species, resources, energy, speed up, coins, experience, unlock territory
3. Each tile belongs to the player who owns the closest military building that exerts influence on the tile. So to expand your territory you should build military buildings.

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