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Kawaii Mansion hack cheat code List

energy - use hack FFkxWepJH
daily pack - enter pass YhSMaBUTg
coins - 8wd9Xm8r1
decorations - lvpi9eSrB
booster pack - VZK08XNi6
gems - 9h4g6cZQv
Month Card x1 - MDEY0onG7
stars - Sswn1rjxe
daily gift bag x10 - M46vZSRUE
secret combination code - EKS8tV73m
pets - uWfrJIIOk
unlock rooms - aUELjTP3M
hints - iCp3vAvpV
upgrade - 7U8UwWCFn
level up - JOFsVvYYj
premium furniture - WdmFBnMsQ

Kawaii Mansion use cheats
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Game story

After graduation, i started a home decor business in my hometown. It's nothing grand, just a small office amidst the suburb area. Days went by peacefully, until What's this? An invitation letter? With stamp and wax seal too? Seriously, who does that nowadays? According to the letter, the owner of the old mansion at the outskirt of our town has returned from his travel overseas. And he wishes to renovate the place into a mansion complex. That rundown place? It's been deserted for ages. Huh, i'm a little intrigued...What could he possibly want with a manor in the middle of nowhere like this? And what exactly does he mean by "mansion complex"? Let's find out about this unique client.

Kawaii Mansion Hack Basics

The faster you clear a scene, the higher score you get. Bottom bar - these are items we need to find. Tap the light bulb if you need a hint. Pinch open with two fingers to zoom in. This makes it easier to find items. Pinch close to zoom back out to the original scene view. You're so talented! Try discovering the remaining items on your own. Can't find the items from the list? Time to make use of the boosters in the lower right corner of the scene. Journal - here you'll find your to-do list. Complete tasks in journal to progress the story.

Hint & Tips

1. Magnet helps you clear 3 random items at once. Oh, we also have smart key to locate all the items faster.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: energy, coins, decorations, gems, stars, pets, unlock rooms, hints, premium furniture
3. Watch ads video to get more energy, coins and other benefits.
4. In silhouettes mode you will only see the silhouettes of the items form the list.

Kawaii Mansion Hack tools Version:


Kawaii Mansion Redeem code - premium gift box

1. O4ftxavQf2aslPG
2. vOCePcXAcCdY1pA
3. Fz0jbegfxC6UP2t
4. qveB30PsfHw0Ue4
5. 5cszySNbuAI2swG
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