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Mardukoins - use hack 56aEw1TM5
star fragments - UFDyKB9ah
right answer - VXrferkIq
off ads - aQy8o1TKq
restore HP - YZ74scC5Q
craft materials - ctiXpVbJ9
ingredients - jqzc2zJ2i
premium weapon - LlYOTXQFP
gold coins - uODSEM4bM
double privilege - 1jMVMJm9a
admin panel - kh7mOjypq
mana orb - qHArRMViX
secret combination - rbafizyU4
crystals - cWLVvRxFO

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hey, thanks you for coming! I really need your help with some goons attacking me! Here he comes! You need to help me light this guy off! I know you can do it! First, look at the review below to get an idea of the new content you will learn in this level! When you're ready, tap the icon in the bottom right corner to continue! To deal damage to your opponent, simply select the correct answer from the 4. Continue dealing damage to your opponent until his HP reaches zero. Take your time and focus on reviewing new content to defeat your opponent! Tap anywhere below when you're ready to continue. We did it! You did really great for you first time, i'm really proud of you! I hope you will continue helping me fight off these evil Morduk corp goons while improving your Japanese skills!

KawaiiDungeon Hack Basics trucos

Did you see that the green had some Mardukoins with him? We can use them to increase the level of my magic orb! Let's get started, and tap the icon below. Select the weapon you want to upgrade from the list below! To increase the level of magic orb, simply tap the icon on the right to see. Tapping on the icon again, will level up the magic orb. Leveling weapons increases their attack and critical hit chance values, so when you fell too weak against your weapon stats. Go back to the map to start the next level. You can use star fragments for a device called Foxpon kawaiiDungeon - Rise of a Goddess - Learn Japanese!
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 5fXSyhXAa
level up - D2GMzVsvE
daily pack - enter pass KEwDLUwgT
admin account - 1VeVbUWHL
Month Card x1 - v54rW5JT2
booster pack - zjnFyGsMG
evolve - YBlajL7oR
enhance - khBBzdhRh
Depending on the amount if star fragments you use, you will get more prizes. You can get many different useful items from the Foxpon, like new weapons, and craft materials. Weapon for example have different types and abilities, so make sure to equip the best weapon when fighting off Mardukcorp goons in higher levels! To equip a weapon, simply tap on it! I think you're now well prepared to face of any opponent, but there is much more to discover. Just take a look around or start your next level to improve your Japanese skills. I will be here for you, so don't hesitate to talk with me anytime.

KawaiiDungeon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Each time you collect 3 stars for the first time in a level, you get one bonus star! Collect 4 stars to receive 6 star fragments.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code Rise of a Goddess - Learn Japanese - give: Mardukoins, star fragments, right answer, restore HP, off ad, craft materials, premium weapon, ingredients, gold coins, mana orb
3. Dailies - you can find your daily quests and milestones here. Daily quests can motivate you to learn daily and receive awesome rewards at the same time! Make sure to come back regularly, so you don't miss out on these juicy rewards. Milestones on the other hand can give you valuable tips on what do to next in kawai dungeon, like upgrading your weapons.
4. Level up Riko's weapons to deal more damage in later levels.

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KawaiiDungeon Redeem code - premium gift box

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