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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I'm dreaming. A dream that has been going on for some time. It is a weird dream where i prowl the battlefield with friends to save the world. Just who am I? Is this the end? No, i will fight. I can't just give up like this. No, if the more we resist it only creates more casualties. The Dragon Lord's command is absolute. To defy his decree - just what is going on? They must have been desperate. The will of Gilbore among the nine great battlegears, you and i, and even Violet had chosen Myers. The reason the Dragon Lord gave away four of the nine Battlegear to humans according to the pact of Dike was to strike a balance of power. But his consideration for the humans became a poisoned chalice...Now the demons and the dragons have united...I can sense the Dragonkin's energy. I think they're almost here.

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We might as well destroy the buff tower first to keep them in check. Select the crystal tower. You can view the area of influence of the crystal's power. Tap the tower again to make it disappear. Tap the character icon in the lower left hand side. Tap the area to move your character and your character will move there and start to attack a nearby target.

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upgrade trucos - qakuDJDgH
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daily pack - enter pass 7aL0C5CK0
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Month Card x1 - CJ1x2fh4N
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evolve - TBA4Z9TL3
enhance - IbFhbhVrX
Manage your followers supplied by clothe through the hero menu. Followers are available as battle rewards and can be summoned from the altar. The game system will be unlocked one at a time according to the progress of the adventure. Followers with higher grades and better qualities have higher costs. You may equip a follower within the limit of your hero's leadership. Followers equipped on a hero will participate in the battle as supporters.

King Of Another World Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Try strengthening the 'battle formation. You may be granted additional abilities, depending on a large reinforcement.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: equipment, gems, formation, increase stats, skill points, legendary set, evolution, pets, exclusive outfit, gold coins, stamina
3. Did not this difficult adventure? Visit the blacksmith. Making the weapons and armor, or synthetic, it can be strengthened. Visit the altar. Summon followers, or synthetic, it can be strengthened.
4. Try challenging achievements. You can acquire a variety of equipment and followers goods.
5. Please utilize the accessories. Some accessories are not high, but the stats you can acquire more goods, if sold.
6. The secret of synthesis equipment. If the synthesis of specific equipment, it can be obtained a high equipment with a high probability.

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