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King of Arena use cheats
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Game story

Welcome, adventurer! We've been waiting for you! Let me give you a quick tour of this world. A hero never fights alone. Let's go summon a hero for you. Basic summons consume normal summon scrolls and give 1-5 star heroes. You can get a free summon at regular intervals. Heroic summons consume rare summon scrolls or crystals and give 3-5 star heroes. Go battle with these worthy helpers. You'll get many resources and rewards. Stage 1 is now open, give it a try!

King of Arena Hack Basics trucos

Choose your heroes for battle. Units placed in back rows will have better output. Front rows will bear more damage. Soldiers from different races restrain each other. Race restraint increases hit by 15% and deals 30% extra damage. A hero's energy bar is filled by both attacking and being attacked. Powerful skills can be released when the energy bar is full.

enter cheat (King of Arena gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 9mA5S2Mir
level up - lgSqQPxxH
daily pack - enter pass SccghIhm1
admin account - E579oMQUy
Month Card x1 - hnGvEneM1
booster pack - Cz8wXtXVL
evolve - knQfYDETu
enhance - Quv4GZioH
Look at all those trophies! Use the hero shards we just got to fuse heroes. With enough shards in hand, we can now summon this hero. Lower star heroes grow slowly. They can be disassembler at the hero altar. The disassembled soul stones and soul shards are important for enhancing heroes. Choose the hero you want to disassemble. Now, we can use the material obtained from disassembling to upgrade a higher star hero. With enough soul shards and coins, we can now upgrade heroes.

King of Arena Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your heroes can't complete without powerful equipment. Let's go equip them.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter King of Arena cheat code - give: advance scrolls, summon x10, 5 stars hero, shard, artifact, gold coins, speed up, gear, talent, crystal treasure, battle certificate, forge, trophies, gems
3. Get various materials through auto battle. The longer you wait, the more rewards you'll get. The auto battle rewards only last for 10 hours. They stop increasing after that. Don't forget to claim them in time.
4. Remember you can always perform a heroic summon with the rare summon scroll you just bought.

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