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Game story

The war destroyed the farmlands, so now we are in short of food. We must guide the farmers to recover the production. Our home are invaded by the monsters, please help us, we can supply you food, and wood, etc. Defeat the wandering monster to extra unlock 4 fields. Resurrection skill is available to resurrect some killed troops after the battle. We've killed those jerks, it's safe now, rest assured to go farming. Keep calm, our loss is a bit big, we need recruit more troops. But first you must have a barrack. We must hurry to train troops. You can train infantry, cavalry, range troop, flying troop and siege troop in the barrack. Because of the limited resources, let's train the infantry first. Troops trained, but i'm afraid of the monsters are too powerful, these troops unable to protect our homeland.

King of Darkness Hack Basics trucos

Look the west from here, see that magnificent building, that's the center of whole city, it's control the lifeblood of this city. Upgrade it, so our city will get more functions and more powerful troops. There are some monsters appear on our rich territory, why not teach them a lesson. I can hardly wait, i'm on my way to fix them. Aren't we trained some troops? Dispatch them to feel the true fight and to check whether they can be the real soldiers. We must increase the training. But now we have no alert about the monster attacking. There is an academy in the northwest corner of our city, and there is a technology in the academy, when monster comes, it will send alert, so we can be prepared.

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The higher technology requires longer time to research, so please don't forget to do the research. Upgrade hero PVE level with hero EXP to complete hero rising faster. Dominate the darkness, Collect heroes to rule the darkness, summon monsters to fight for you, build your kingdom. Recruit powerful heroes to lead your armies! Recruit twisted monsters to fight against other players!

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1. Hero rising - we can practise in there, and maybe there are some other heroes in it, let's check whether we can invite them to fight with us. Be careful, this place is full of danger.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: research, resources, speed up, chests, gathering, premium troops, gear, technology, gems, VIP 20, skill points, gold, lucky coin, legion diamond package
3. Become a vip and get powerful bonuses for your city. Raise your VIP level to unlock more bonuses. Log in every day to earn VIP points and build up your login streak. A longer login streak provides more VIP points.

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