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King of Worlds hack cheat code List

starter's pack - use hack uQI5ujyBB
resource - enter pass ItHTcM09x
gem - 7z93tLKu4
activity points - zz8s1mjcd
booster pack - woOzLL6AL
speed up - BbNIDKrkz
Month Card x1 - MDmBHyGlD
upgrade - LUgxUfjWs
daily gift bag x10 - bOg1blNvm
secret combination code - cPvxkHu2t
increase production by 200% - ZBXNx1dUK
skills - oJul6ekHN
crystals - HB9GGHEIt
weekly box - ZCPcwr6IL
command - xrr19eMGM
legendary heroes - Y8RhcNgQy
level up - 1SiDAIxRF
talents - fwFE7HhUc
VIP15 - PB4QNwK1r
shards - F0KFVDCRx
daily chest - a9CWMnw4e
alliance coins - pzgDmeyzV
forge materials - R7ZSP00Ch

King of Worlds use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Peace of the world is at our hands. Let's end this war together. The monsters will continue to attack our camps, we must be prepared. Please upgrade barrack immediately and train your army to prevent invasion from the monsters. Upgrade barrack to increase the number of units you can train each time. We shall upgrade the wall now and strengthen our defense to ensure safety on the territory. Send heroes to guard your city or create traps to stop the enemy. The wall will repair on its own when durability is under maximum. Upgrade wall to increase wall durability and trap capacity.

King of Worlds Hack Basics

Upgrade city hall to improve your war power and influence. City hall is the fundamental of all territory buildings and army. Upgrade city hall to unlock higher level buildings and more marching queue. You have to upgrade the academy to be able to research advanced technology to obtain different effects. Upgrade academy to reduce research time. Use crystal to complete research immediately. Join alliance: can obtain gifts after killing monsters. Can help you speed up building and research time. Use alliance coins to purchase rare items in alliance shop. Allies can help assist, garrison and transport resources.

Hint & Tips

1. Different adviser has different skills, please choose carefully.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, activity points, speed up, increase production by 200%, skills, command, level up, legendary heroes, talents, VIP15, daily chest, alliance coins, crystal, shards, forge materials, gems
3. Saint Joan: Heroic strike - trigger effect after every 2 attacks, increase random ally's Hit rate by 70%, lasts for 6 seconds. Emperor Zhaolie: Peaceful kindness - when battle begins, all cavalry units obtain shield, able to absorb 30% damage. Emperor of Persian Cyrus II: Waves of the Death - when battle begins, increase infantry attack by 100%.
4. Continuously hunt the same monsters can receive damage bonus. You can obtain forging materials after killing enemies. Forging factory can forge lor equipments and combine materials or gems.

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King of Worlds Redeem gift code

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