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Kingdom Boss hack cheat code List

starter's pack - use hack dPX6WfTOt
spirit essence - enter pass 8IYwvsms8
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gold - Uq5OW6NRg
booster pack - J5eqBxWlO
legendary gear - AAEpK4wgt
Month Card x1 - TR3KdgHtz
upgrade - GeHq0Flxw
daily gift bag x10 - sudI9UqYc
secret combination code - x8eZSN3jj
premium summon, - mb4PGbt3R
SSR hero - 9yAThEItj
weekly box - Wr5Z1Ym9p
materials - aBf3Ci5yH
vip status - 5TNGTZ5oq
battle pass - HNczHNzCP

Kingdom Boss use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Great, you've arrived! We've received reports of travelers being attacked in this forest. I'm here to help you investigate. Samson, Skyla, and Scutes have come along to provide support in case things get violent. Trouble already, Scutes has a powerful ground smash ability that will crush his opponents. Skyla can really dish out the pain using her explosive bow and arrow. Samson will leap into the air and deliver a devastating blow to his enemies. Great work! I'm concerned though. It's unusual to see creatures be so aggressive this close to the castle. Maybe we will find more answers deeper in the forest.

Kingdom Boss Hack Basics

We found some spirit essence, an important source of power for making heroes stronger. You will gather many heroes during the journey to restore your kingdom. You can find all of the heroes you have collected here - hero menu. Leveling up your heroes with the resources you collect will make them more powerful. Now that characters is more powerful, we can risk going deeper into the forest. The gear we just found will mare our units even more stronger if we equip it. Completing quests you didn't even know you had! Quests are a great way to get rewards. Do your daily quests every day to get loads of free gems.

Hint & Tips

1. Tap an enemy portrait on your way into a dungeon to see what sort of abilities they have.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: spirit essence, gems, gold, legendary gear, premium summon, SSR hero, materials, vip status, battle pass
3. If a hero dies in battle, it may not be the end for them. SOme heroes can resurrect.
4. Use spirit essence to level up soldiers in your collection. Ascending your heroes will increase their max level.
4. Every attack has a damage type. Certain heroes are more resistant to particular types. Check your heroes' stats.
5. Spend gems at the portal to unlock new units. Every hero is different.
6. You can target many abilities by dragging from the ability onto the battlefield. Som3 enemies can silence you, which blocks using your special ability. Focus on them first.

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