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Kingdom Of Force use cheats
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Game story

We've matched for many days. Soon we'll be back to the capital. Wood is required for building any structure. First of all, let's get some wood. To get wood, we need to build a lumber mill, which will produce wood automatically and increase the maximum storage of wood. Don't forget that the construction of every stricture consumes resources. Now we've got enough. Don't you worry. Tap the city and the build button will pop out. Tap the button to build a lumber mill. Place it within the camp and then tap confirm to complete the construction.

Kingdom Of Force Hack Basics

The land a structure is on has impact on its production efficiency. The higher the buff, the faster the production, and vice versa. Land effects are displayed on map during the construction. Please arrange the location of your structure wisely. Now we need to cultivate farmlands and build farms, which will produce food automatically and increase the max storage food. Enough food output is the base for our soldiers' training. Upgrade the city to expand the territory. Now we can build barracks on the spare ground in the city. The barracks can speed up the production of soldiers and increase its max population. It's the most important production structure in the game.

Hint & Tips

1. We've got enough soldiers since the arrival of the supporting units. Let's dispatch soldiers to attack an enemy stronghold. You can choose the proportion of soldiers to be sent out each time at the feature bar in the bottom right corner. Elite soldiers have more health and special abilities.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: talents, legendary hero, resources, max soldier population, exclusive avatar, boss mode, expand the territory, full version, free gameplay
3. The higher level your city is, the larger zone of control you will have.
4. Some terrain will affect the speed of soldiers' march.

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