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Kingdom Quest Game story

Are you the Champion the Kingdom hired? Welcome to our Kingdom. I was assigned to be your guide. The Kingdom is under attack from the growing monster forces. There are a lot of things that require your attention. But do you not have anyone to fight with? If you are going to fight with the horrendous monsters, you'll need companions. I'll introduce you to some. Follow me. This is the Hero Summoning Altar. Tap on the button to summon a Companion. You obtained a great companion. This Hero is [Loras], one of the Kingdom's finest Spellswords. It's not going to be easy fighting monsters with only 1 companion. Let's summon once more. [Elizabeth] joined your ranks. Elizabeth has an Ultimate to attack all enemies in the front row. Let's go eliminate the monsters together. I'll lead the way. Monsters are endlessly emerging from this area. The Kingdom needs you to find their base and clear them out.

Kingdom Quest Hack Basics trucos

This is the place!! Let's hurry up and eliminate the monster. There are still more monsters left. You got an AXP Potion from the Battle Loot. It's an important material for enhancing Heroes. Let's use this before continuing to the next Battle. Drink the potion and level up. Leveling up a Hero makes them stronger. Strong Heroes will perform well in battle. I'll guide you to the next dungeon. We found a treausre chest in the dungeon! There was a Soulstone in the Treasure Chest. You can use this Soulstone to summon a Hero. If you collect a certain amount of Soulstones, you'll be able to summon a Hero. [Irina] is now a companion. Irina is a very useful Hero because she has a Healing Skill. [Irina] has a low HP so we should place her in the back. Drag [Irina] to place her.

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The Kingdom will reward you for collecting Stars by clearing the dungeons. Watch out for [Drake], the monster that resides here. We found another Treasure Chest! We found a [Drake]. Fortunately, this Drake has been well tamed by a human. This tamed Drake will become a strong companion. The Heroes' Skills have the power to turn the tide of the battle. The next dungeon has a strong monster named [Ignis]. I don't think you are quite ready to face Ignis just yet. If you upgrade and obtain a new skill, your Combat Power will increase. It's time for me to teach you about the most efficient way for battling. If you want to withstand strong enemies moving forward, you'll need to know how to effectively place your Heroes. The enemies are lined up straight. Fortunately, Loras' Ultimate attacks in a straight-line, so let's change the placement and start the battle.

Kingdom Quest Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A Hero who is set as a Leader will use their Ultimate in the first round. This time the enemies are gathered on the front row. Then we should use [Elizabeth]'s Ultimate to attack the front row. Leader receives Rage +100% effect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Kingdom Quest cheat code - give: soulstones, awaken, fruits, increase stats, spirit, gold, gems, cube keys, premium summon ticket, unlimited energy, treasure chest, campaign pack, adventure box, SSR hero, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. The Kingdom finally decreed an Adventure Quest. You must drive out the monsters occupying the area and reclaim territory which once belonged to the Kingdom. I'm surprised to see something this important was given to you, I guess that just means you are gaining their trust!
4. Alright, why don't we take over the Goblin Camp first? They are weak compared to other monsters, but don't let your guard down! Goblins live in this place. Upon occupying, you can capture 1 Goblin and increase the Goblin Treasure Chest acquisition amount per hour.
5. Goblin Treasure Chest - Diligent Goblins endlessly scout for Treasure and hordes it in a safe spot. If one were to become their owner, they will be rich in no time. Goblins continue to work even if you don't connect to the Game. As the Kingdom Level and number of Goblins increase, the Reward amount will increase too. Don't forget to periodically claim the Treasure the Goblins have collected. From now on, every time you visit the Kingdom, you'll be given treasure.
6. Claim Energy periodically. Even if the time has passed, you can obtain Energy by watching an Ad! Receive Bonus Energy by claiming it 3 times a day.
7. You can get various rewards such as Gems, Cube Keys, Premium Summon Tickets, and more after watching a video Ad.
8. Level up your Kingdom and claim your reward. You'll receive a total of 3000 Gems by purchasing the package.
9. A resource repository which produces many resources for war. Defend your resources from enemies and also go on expeditions to collect loot.
10. Explore - The vast continent still contains many uncharted and dangerous territories. Only those who have proven that they can survive may board the Exploration Ship.
11. Gold Dungeon - Vault sealed with an Ancient Spell. You can obtain a lot of Gold in there.
12. Guild - Join your forces with other Guild Members to claim various benefits.
13. Using Equipment is one way of increasing a Hero's Stats. Enhance Equipment to increase a Hero's Stats.
14. You can Awaken Heroes with Soulstones. Upon Awekening, a new skill will be unlocked.
15. Mystic Fruits increase a Hero's Stat permanently. Use the fruit to gain an edge in your training.
16. Spirit - The symbol of nature which rules over all in the world. It gains the power of nature within oneself.

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