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gold coins - use vdYiH6DKs
speed up - q28V9Jw6D
secret combination - A4QSxNhmB
stamina - Y6hrtWKKN
double rewards - q9kwVKNFo
equipment - 41uqKJsiC
treasure chest - ucJqjX1Rd
qilin seal - ydOBY3rBT
wood - KeZMguTmk
stone - oaaKHHEzg
admin panel - JfmBICnTy
iron - dcST2nGed
soul - NJzLvUUXN
jade recruit - nnzqXXA2Y
tactics - zA5QkWWmg
bonds - 4uEBXPjLN
advance - q3NHPGpkH
novice supply pack - 4FxT4I59A
artifact - jDzKnIdQv
resources - NVSGjtwpF

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Game story

We've taken the homecity back. Thanks for your hospitality. But we still have things to do. I believe you will live up to your people's expectation and make a difference in the time of chaos. You revealed your skill in the battle with Zhang Jiao, earning the admiration of many brave heroes. You can recruit them in the general platform. We need to expand our numbers quickly. I will make a trip to the general platform. The common people built some basic infrastructure here to revitalize our homecity. You may come and inspect it when you have time. Do tasks according to the tutorial to gain power quickly. Enter the general platform to draw for heroes. "+" - tap here, use the EXP item to upgrade the general. Our people have finished the resource building. The place is the heart of your town. Upgrade it to unlock new buildings, help them develop and much more. The essential part for the city's continued prosperity and increased strength. The palace level decides the top level of all buildings in the city.

Kingdoms Saga Hack Basics trucos

You can reduce the building upgrade time that is based on VIP level for free. When heroes fight together, bonds will be activated boosting our combat capability. Different bonds require different generals. You can activate bonds when you have corresponding heroes. When you get new generals, come check if there are new bonds available. Battle: drag to switch slots quickly. Bring attributes penalty upon enemies to pres the character. Free hiring chances are available every day in the general platform.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - NqjCRXPUF
level up - AC78SjRTa
daily pack - enter pass WqocvHshr
admin account - K1fF1TWNs
Month Card x1 - MlcWw1hmI
booster pack - 8mGYY363I
evolve - RZ7jN9MBk
enhance - A6CyZO9mz
Please don't miss it. The city is back on track. We'd better build a warehouse to store resources and protect them from plunder.You can never have enough soldiers in this war. If you don't object, i will show you how to build barracks and train soldiers. Infantry barracks - a heavily fortified camp where the lord can train the heavily armored infantry. It costs time and resources to enlist.

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1. Location - this is our homecity and base of all defensive and offensive operations. Let's set out from the homecity to attack the level 1 rebel. Search allows you to locate targets int he world quickly. Killing a rebel at this level the first time grants special rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stamina, coin, qilin seal, wood, stone, iron, speed up, soul, jade recruit, tactics, equipment, bonds, advance, novice supply pack, artifact, resources
3. There are many new recruits in the city, they have urgent need of training. But violence is not the only way to win a campaign. Researching tech will strengthen our armies. You may come and find legendary hero in the following days when you have time.

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