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Game story

Your most highness, this, your faithfull warrior, Evan, reporting for duty. Goblins are trying to breach the castle gate as we speak. Please, let me explain how to navigate the battle through this round. You can summon heroes by tapping the summon button. Our heroes will attack enemies automatically when the battle begins. MP is charged every time the hero attacks or gets attacked. Once MP is fully charged, the hero casts their own unique skills.

KingGodCastle Hack Basics trucos

By successfully defending against invasions, you may obtain silver. You cna check out the silver and reward for each round here. Let's summon heroes with our remaining silver. Troop size represents the maximum number of heroes you can deploy on the battlefield. Currently, you can have up to 3 heroes in the troop. Drag and recruit heroes. While recruiting heroes, you can check their attack range and skill range. Finish recruiting the heroes to start the battle.

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evolve - 5E6TWYp04
enhance - R02WonpYQ
Enemies with equipment are more powerful. We can claim their equipment after you defeat the enemies. We claimed an equipment! Dra the equipment and drop upon a hero to equip it. You can combine the same heroes to upgrade the hero's tier. We do not have enough room in our troop. Drag out a hero to dismiss them from the battle. Oof, we lost a battle. One of our banners has been lost. If we lose 3 banners, we will have to retreat back into the castle.

KingGodCastle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When we lose a battle, we get to face the enemies once again. Even when we are defeated, we will be given a small amount of silver so that we can reinforce our troop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter KingGodCastle cheat code - give: tier up, premium package, gold coins, silver, diamonds, legendary heroes, pendant, earrings, bracelet, artifact, premium weapon, armor, booster aura
3. At tier 3, 5, and 5, heroes' skills will be enhanced. Click the skill area to see the skill range. Elite enemies appear every 5 rounds.
4.Equipment can be upgraded in the same way as heroes to reach higher tiers. As the equipment reaches tier 3, it unlocks its special ability. Arrange your troops and equipment efficiently based on the info you get from the briefing.

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