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Kingpin Underworld Game story

Tap and grag the left side of the screen to move Federico. Tap the bottom right corner to shoot! Defeat all enemies on your way to save our Lieutenant. Organization Zero ain't messing around. Toss a Grenade to take them out! Let's get back our lieutenant back to Mansion. We gotta save Boris! Let's go Boss! We've lost most of our properties to other Families. We've gonna have to take them back to expand our influence in San Bravo! We still own some of our old Businesses. Let's collect Supplies from our Warehouse Business. We now have enough Supplies to upgrade this Business. Building upgrades take time, but just this once i'll cover the cost to speed it up.

Kingpin Underworld Hack Basics trucos

Upgrade buildings to level up and get bonuses. With this upgrade completed, we can check it off our Daily Missions. To see the big picture, you can review your Progression Missions as well. Survive all enemy waves to reclaim a House in Sunset Park. Your resqued Lieutenant can now be used in battle. Tap to add him to your squad. You can choose to command your Lieutenant directly in battle! Before we take on Organization Zero, we need to push the Mafia Family out of Sunset Park. Let's start by raiding this House.

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A tip is received about Carmella's whereabouts. Find her, and defeat all enemies in your way. But first, you should hire a new Fighter from the Store. For the best shot at victory, we need top talent! Time to scout other Bosses to Raid. We need to assign your new Fighter to your Attack Squad. Attacking other Bosses is the best way to earn Fighter XP, Cash and Supplies. Check here regularly for new "opportunities"! Tap AUTO to have your Fighter act on their own. Now that the House is repaired, we can assign a Fighter to defend this District. Your fighter will defend our District against other Bosses. Looks like someone is trying to attack us this very moment! Let's jump in to help defend our District!

Kingpin Underworld Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To defend our District even more, we better hire stronger Fighters. I've given you some Elite Recruit Tokens. With these, we can hire 10 Fighters at once! We have enough Fighters now to Promote one of them to a higher Rank. To increase a Fighter's Rank, we need to go to Gym.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Kingpin Underworld cheat code - give: fighter XP, cash, supplies, speed up, unlimited energy, abilities, quirks, elite recruits, tokens, the hustle pack, rubies, resource bundle, free black market, diamonds, truck of gems.
3. Upgrade buildings to level up and get bonuses.
4. Investment rewards - Collect Diamonds everyday for 30 days!
5. Buildings is locked - Continue playing the campaign and capture the previous buildings.
6. You don't have enough space for new fighters. Upgrade your Hideout or retire some fighters.

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