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King's Choice Game story

You escape the prison, and as you regain freedom, you finally meet your loyal guardian Greg. My Lord, you aren't safe here. Let's go to Niveal, the castle your father left you. There we will plan our next move. Having finally returned to Niveal, you bind your wounds, and take a very deserved rest...My Lord, today is your first day in Niveal. You must quickly secure the support of the nobles, marrying one is your best option. A few days later, Niveal witnesses a grandiose wedding reception. You and your bride finally have some privacy. Although you're still thinking about Allie, you understand that you'll need help from Beth's family to take revenge on Aves.

King's Choice Hack Basics trucos

I'm here to help you handie government affairs. I'll make sure your revenge plan comes to frution. My Lord, let's take a closer look at how to handle government affairs. Tap to view collection details. Each time you Collect Silver, you'll get Silver. Silver is used to upgrade knights. Each time you Collect Grain, you'll get Grain. Grain is used to recruit soldiers. Each time you Recruit Soldiers, you can consume Grain to get Soldier. Soldier is used in battles. You'll have a higher chance to win battles with more soldiers. My Lord, collection chances will be restored over time. Come to the interior Ministry more often to collect useful resources. We need more skilled people, so I summoned 4 new knights to help you out!

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - t6KDD8DyO
level up code - THZ55QmEG
daily pack King's Choice cheat - enter pass MJxjQxdfU
admin account - XfFh7sPXY
Month Card x1 - JhgXI6HDL
booster pack - xNwyLnt9S
evolve - v2nTu1OfO
enhance - c1vP3nFhj
To exact your revenge, you must first help your knights improve their skills. Tap avatar to view knight info. Loyalty and honesty are two of the most important principles in life. Knight attributes are essential to State Power. State Power is strengthened as knight attributes increase. Intellect defines the amount of Silver collected from the Interior Ministry. More Silver will be collected as Intellect increases. Leadership defines the amount of Grain collected from the Interior Ministry. More Grain will be collected as Leadership increases. Charisma determines the number of recruited soldiers. You'll recruit more Soldiers at a time as your Charisma increases. Consume Silver to upgrade Knights. Upgrading Knights will increase all 4 of their attributes. Upgrade your Knights to quickly increase your Power.

King's Choice Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Losses are determined by the strength and number of soldiers on both sides of the battle. The higher your strength is, the fewer troops you'll lose.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter King's Choice cheat code - give: energy, vip, lovers, silver, grain, recruit soldiers, increase attributes, strength, intellect, leadership, charisma, lunar blessing, value packs 9999
3. Each stage consists of several battle waves. You must complete all battles to pass each stage.
4. Recharge any amount to earn all rewards. Earn powerful Knights and amazing rewards immediately! Earn a stunning lover on day 1. You'll be able to change officials when you have 12 lovers. When you've used up all of your chances to handle Government Affairs, comsume Political Letters to add more.

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