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Kingsense use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

888 years ago, an extragalactic asteroid struck Earth. The sea level drastically rose. The impact to our living environment was devastating. aided by the P.T.H. Group, the remaining humans fled underground to survive. Meanwhile, they established the United Council to maintain the order of their temporary sanctuary. 34 years ago, the P.T.H. group simplementation of human enhancement program was proven a success. Step by step, the remaining humans returned to the surface. Then, the United Council worked with the high officials of the P.T.H. Group to form a new world order. Thus began a new chapter for humanity.

Kingsense Hack Basics trucos

You'll see the selected character's movement range (white) and basic attack range (red). Tap or drag a character to a location to move (a double - check is required). Tap or drag a character to an enemy to attack. Hint each ally may only move and use basic attack one time each turn. So give your commands wisely. Tap to end your turn after you've taken actions. You may view the selected enemy's attack range. If you attack (excluding skills) within the enemy attack range, they will counter.

enter cheat (Kingsense gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Kk7V3aOnt
level up - lbjBrT4jO
daily pack - enter pass nwQJluWz1
admin account - 7VDbF2RND
Month Card x1 - Gmk5MD1Gy
booster pack - V006IxwVA
evolve - IBQY5GN4N
enhance - U1gmQiB8p
Different classes have different movement range and attack range. Use strategy to avoid cointers the best you can. Tap the avatar to view details. Enemies will fight back if you're inside their counter range. Allies will also counter when taking damage from inside their counter range. At the start of turn, you'll draw 'the number of deployed characters +1" Skill cards from all character skills and modules. At the end of turn, you'll discard unused skills.

Kingsense Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The daily quests will refresh daily at 0:00, make sure you complete the quests and claim rewards before they expire.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Kingsense cheat code - give: exclusive gacha, chip, core key, energy, promotion, gear, mod, legendary character SSR, zigg coins, AP supply, skin sets, credit, skin ticket
3. Using a skill will cost a specific number of skill points. At the start of turn, your skill points automatically replenish.
4. As a commander, you should know that Sensates of different rarities are used for various features, plan your training depending on your needs.
5. The difference in royal energy leads to element. Different elements are strong/weak against one another (countering damage is 150%, anti-countering damage is 50%).
6. All Sensates have the royal skill. The yellow energy bar above your character indicates the current energy. Whenthis bar is full, you can use royal skill.
7. Each character has different stats, so they'll earn royal energy at a different speed. Generally, at the start of turn/using skills/basic attacks/ landing a critical hit/ taking a hit will grant royal energy to an Sensate.

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