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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

It's the time for trouble. The war with the mad king is begin. No many of us left now, most of the warriors died. People are tired, they do things as they are ordered, without thinking. My brother always tells me, one day, the world will become peaceful again. Why is he telling me such thing? He's dying too. This game will take you back to medieval times to read the story of hordes blody kings they leads the most bloody wars in the history, you will play as the samurai warrior to infiltrate into enemy territory, strike and slashes the enemies with the blood katana to become stronger legend.

Knight Of Legends Hack Basics trucos

Since you have rested, get ready to clear out some of the areas. Tap the battle icon on the map to instantly move to the battlefield. Touch the screen to move. Your character automatically attacks enemies in the path. Double touch the screen to make an avasive rolling move. Touch and hold the screen until the power gauge is full to perform a power attack. Your strength is too weak, which means extra training.

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upgrade trucos - dd1KvFNHT
level up - ZHdZ94Jj4
daily pack - enter pass I5iBNfvra
admin account - L4gALAJUM
Month Card x1 - O5lQZe2wd
booster pack - u2MaXs3Pn
evolve - hnyjnqGI1
enhance - M7Lm18sS5
You can equip or unequip skills in the skills tab. Skills: defensive stance - temporarily increase efense. Assign the skill to an empty slot. Sword wave - a wave of energy travel forward. Aggression - increases attack power. Teleport attack - attacks all the enemies nearby from the air. Summon Dian Wei - summons the legendary animal. Tranquility - summons the necromancer. Bamboo spears - spears shoot out from the ground to attack enemies. Combo attack gauge is full, you can use a powerful blow.

Knight Of Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You will be accompanied by a proffesional sword masters that will help you understand your new abilities and guide you in the rpg battle..
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: jade, gold, keys, remove ads, weapons, arors, accessory, premium, generals, unlock skills, treasures
3. Make use of the weapons and skills of your heroe to lead him towards victory, and strike down the strongest bosses

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